PokerRanger Coaching with BogdanPS and Eisflamme

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BogdanPS and Eisflamme sit down to discuss the software Poker Ranger and the benefits it can bring to your overall game


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the Poker Ranger Seminar held by BogdanPS and Eisflamme

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach or guest please leave them below

    You can get a 21-day free trial of Poker Ranger from the link below:
  • Member0815


    I really like that poker tool, I was about to develope something similar myself, stripped down and less userfriendly of course. I still have a couple of questions.
    1. The first thing that didn´t become clear to me.
    Is it decided whether there will be more player scenarios included at some point in the future?
    2. I was wondering about the fold equity calculation for villant in the loaded hand, obviously if he raises, when we chose bet/fold as a line he has 100% foldequity since we don´t work with a range which has a calling part in this scenario, so I assume the fold equity is considering the fraction of cases in which he raises and this is here 11.31 percent of his range, right?
    3. Following that, if I would work with a range in heroes case here, could I make a rangesplit for hero and chose a bet/fold, and a bet/call range, or would I have to devide this in two analysis and change the ranges manually several times, if I want to figure out, what changes, if I also include this or that hand in my bet/calling instead of bet/folding range?
    4. One very general question, if I buy this software, how many licences do I get, can I switch from one computer to another if I buy a new one?
    5. The random turn/river option (except for the training tab) for me only makes sense if you can run a MC simulation to see how well let´s say a certain hand flops against a strong range, do you have any function or any function planned to include MC-simulations? This is actually something I would find quite important to find out how easy it is to realize equity.
    6. And a last point (where it gets really complex). Will you be implementing more complex scenarios with several streets, where you can pick in dependance of the turn (at least as a basic group of turns like blank, overcard, flush arrives) chose new lines for hero and villant with the ranges that aren´t all in or folded and possibly do rangesplits here as well?
    Already sorry for those annoying intense question :)
  • Eisflamme


    Hi Member0815,

    thank you very much for your great interest and ideas!
    We have answered your questions in the official support thread:
    If you have follow-up questions, we would suggest to you to ask them there, as we are notified faster, then.
    Thanks a lot and best regards,
  • Apache4667


    No more update ?
    v1.18.2: (Current Version) (26th Nov 2013)