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  • $1/$2
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer goes through a recent session on PokerStars focusing on areas where he could have improved his actions especially in multiway pots and tricky spots


Live Video PokerStars Session Review

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  • henfen


    34:00 Dumma Jävel means stupid bastard.

    http://translate.google.com.br/#auto/en/Dumma jävel
  • floaty


    "Dumma jävel" is swedish for "stupid *any valid insult*" alot of swedish insults are hell/satan-oriented and so also "jävel" which really is sorta an evolved form of the swedish word "djävul" which means "devil".
  • floaty


    oh, got beat to it :(

    would you consider this a profitable table?
  • Boomer2k10


    In a different seat absolutely it would be a profitable table, my seat though is geniunely horrible

    Do I think I can outplay the other TAGs? Probably yes but I would lose to the rake long term in my position. If I had direct position on the weaker player I'd say the table's passable for 1/2 but I'd be on the lookout for better tables for sure
  • ZeroDegrees


    9 min, A3 wont make any str8 /(AK vs A7)
  • ZeroDegrees


    Oops it was, still problem spotting str8s.