Tomsom87 Reviews: $8 180-man Turbo with Prof_Green2

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  • SNG
  • $7 - $11
  • Fullring
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TomSom87 brings us a review of one of his horses paying an $8 180-man Turbo on PokerStars


MTSNG turbo User Session Review

Comments (6)

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  • madein1984


    29:20 gregcalls is a good reg, I guess he could do this with his whole range and hope you dont see how much he has behind
  • yellowsock


    Two hands against mariusghent12. In both we have AQ.
    1) 19:21 the guy min opens from UTG and calls our 3bet AI risking over half of his stack w/ QTo which idicates he's a fish.
    2)25:16 same guy on 11BB opens 3xBB from UTG2 and on 25BB we now fold our AQ. I just dont see any logic here. For me fucking easy call. First of all, i see tons of action like this from weak players where they seldom have a premium hand, most of the time they think "3x looks more scary" and then show up some random shit. BTW the guy min opens QTo from UTG and calls 3bet AI and then opens 3xBB from UTG2 and that should indicate a huge hand? - which means he wants to induce with shitty hands and get some action and at the same time when he has a huge hand he makes a 3x to scare off other players in order to avoid action, right? We have now ante, prety comfo stack (almost 30BB) and we fold AQ to a 10BB fish who already showed he is capable to call AI w/ QT in early stages of the tournamnet. Come on...
  • BubbleNedRum


    18:28 you say we should ch/c, because he is likely to go crazy with a missed club draw or an 8 or a worse ten.
    i am leading the river myself, our hand is completely underreped, he is never ever having a K and is checking all the hands we beat, like A high FD, random 8, 99, 77 and stuff behind.
    so ch/c would be a negative freeroll imo and only appropriate if he is firing close to every time his busted draw
  • Erik212


    I rejam the AQo versus the 3x open for sure. He is a fish considering that open and so he can have a ton of random stuff in his range what will make our AQ +ev soon enough.

    Really don't like your thought process about taking -ev spots UTG. After UTG you are in the BB so what? You don't consider the fact that there's a decent chance that a +ev spot will come up in the blinds before you are totally crippled. And if not then fine, but -ev is -ev and not worth taking. I would jam a range like this: 27.0%, 22+ A2s+ A8o+ K5s+ KTo+ Q8s+ QTo+ J8s+ JTo T7s+ 97s+ 87s 76s and not be afraid to go through the blinds.
  • JustgAMblin


    Thanks for the video tomsom.

    I´d prefer a tiny bet on the river over ch/c. Maybe like 200-250 and snap calling a raise obv.

    ~ 40:00
    I agree on the last hand (77), that you COULD jam a ton as the UTG player.

    Although i dont agree on overcalling as wide as you showed as here, because there is nearly no regular, who ships THAT wide in this spot. There maybe some but not many.

    Asuming that the players is shoving 65%, you could overshove K9s in this spot as hero, which seems completely like burning money to me.

    Although i like your reasoning about the blinds going up next hand and future game aspects.

    BUT, in these games you still have fold equity in spots with only 4bb left where you shouldnt.
    And i think this cancels out the argument of getting in bad spots, because the blinds go up and we hit the blinds next hand.

    So on a table with bad regs and/or fishes we dont have to take too many +EV spots.

    In a $700 6max hyper turbo sng with 4 mega sharks i would consider your reasoning behind pushing that loose as apropriate, but not in a 180 man sng where players in general are bad.

    Very nice video in regards to rethinking so called standard spots. :)

    My suggestion for an unknown mixed table of regs and fish: 20-25% pushingrange.
  • JustgAMblin


    *I meant "too many -EV spots." in this one sentence.