$162 6-max on Sunday Review - Finishing The Tournament

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $160
  • Shorthanded
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Sam Phillips finishes his $162 6-max on Sunday review with a look at finishign the tournament off.


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  • AceSteph


    Hey, nice vid, I really liked it!
    Only one thing:
    I didn't really get the last hand though. You have 36bbs, but you say you're shallow. Don't you get a very bad risk/win ratio to just shove all your stack? I mean you risk 1.700K to win 340K. And I think your stack is pretty playable. I think calling is best or you could also 4bet/fold.
    1. What would you 4bet/fold here, and what would your 4bet size be?
    2. What would you 4bet/call?
    3. What would you shove?
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the final video in the $162 6-max on Sunday series from Sam Phillips

    If you have any further questions/comments for Sam please leave them below and look out for further releases
  • SPhillips22


    Hey Ace,

    I agree I like calling more than shoving after thinking about the hand. I would never 4bet/fold this hand as it is just way too strong to turn into a bluff preflop.
  • maritsula


    Last hand.

    We are 34BB deep, IP with KQs

    Villain 3bets us 2.3x thus we are getting ridiculous odds (28%) to play an excellent hand which flops so well but instead we decide to shove?

    With KQs we can flop a K,Q, FD, OESD (and flush/straight ofc) and feel very confident about our hand. And all that at a very cheap price with at least 30bb left in our stack

    Maybe you can justify shoving a small PP if you think he is very bluff heavy but 4bshoving KQs, IP for 34bb is very bad imo

    I think you played very well throughout the event but you butchered the last hand

    Sorry if i came out too harsh but it was a pity to gift him the win after so much hard work :P
  • Lasso


    nice video, good content!