NL $25 SH Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Equity Session Review

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  • Balanarm


    Great video as usual, looking forward to nl50-100 videos from you!
  • Balanarm


    I rewatched 88 hand once again and I got a question.

    why did you c/r with a set of 88 on 48Qr board? Isn't it check/call standart to keep him barreling, because by check-raise you make him fold everything but overpairs and AQ, it's very low part of his cbetting range. By check-calling you can respresent weak pp, he can often decide to 2-3 barrel with air or valuetown himself with worse good hands.
  • JOYS3R


    Yeah the 88 hand:
    He had like KQ/QJ,he was multitabler,so he never gonna call the river 15$ allin.Its the same,if u check/call,bet turn and river.
    On the flop with check/call: 2+(2*1.5)=5$ pot

    Turn bet:5+(4*2)=13$ pot

    River bet:13+(8*2)=29$ pot
    If he folds=13$ pot
    If he calls=29$ pot

    So if he calls 50% of the time on the river with like KQ,then its the same money for us.
    Its like 21$ winning,like in the video:)
  • ronekinky


    impossible to remember wich videos ive seen..