The path to SNE - crushing hyper-turbos

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75 - $105
  • Shorthanded
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In his debut coaching video two-times Super Nova Elite player Antonio "BettingLife" Ramalho will review some interesting hands he encountered while playing the midstakes hyper-turbo MTT tournaments.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video and leave your comments below!
  • vyczn15


    Try playing it in 1080HD, awful quality
  • JustgAMblin


    HTML5 and 720p is fine for me.

    Just sound is a bit too low.

    But its probably better to take videomaking more professionally. Especially if help is offered to you.

    cant say anything about content, because i dont play these sngs.

  • bencb


    I cant say anything about content, because i dont see any content in this video, sorry....

    You dont play MTTs regulary, so why making a video ?

    You think people expecting you are an avr. player ? Then you should disable your SNE status. Otherwise its just bullshit what you say.
  • Kulturbeutel


    what a useless video, what should we learn from that?
    9 min, boring hands and when he starts to talk about where his edge comes from-its over, lol.
  • Talent2


    Absolutly agree with #4
    Min 8:36 I don`t mind raise/folding vs a 12BB stack in the bigblind especially when its an adaption to his tight defending tendencies (stat based decision??) but why do we have to make it 2.5x???? That seems very bad to me...2x should be more than fine if we have the read that he`s to tight in these spots!?
  • andreww88


    #5 He did say where his edge comes from, either you have audition problems or you didn't read the interview.
  • miskokvo


    this is bad.
  • bettinglife


    Hello guys, I must agree that the quality of image and sound are not the best, since it was the first time I was recording a video. I'll use the negative thoughts as a space for improvement so you're welcome to give your opinion, new recording program and new microphone is already something I'm working on.

    In reply to comments:

    #4 This MTT in specific is very close to the structure I play and I have a huge edge on it. As for average player process, I'm actually the only one who can see my stars, other players cannot ;)

    #5 Some of the hands are borderline spots which means you can assume all better hands are easy spots.

    #6 This is a pretty advanced player, even though it seems so easy to apply. The Ev of raising 2x is lower than raising 2.5x in this particular spot. Q3o plays super bad oop postflop, and the additional .5 will decrease the BB flatting range, also ANTE, if you make 2x, villain can probably defend 75% of his range. You can also balance this play with some hands like AKo, 88,99, that you prefer to raise but don't want to get much flatted and play oop.

    Cheers. :)


    Good luck in your life sir,thanks for the video. Hope you choose to do more!!!
  • ursusmm


    Very nice content. I can't believe that this is beginner+ and not only available for black members.
    Keep up the good work!


    I've read your entire blog today. Really inspiring sir. Keep working! =)
    Tyvm for the vid! =)
  • rhalala


    why MTT? make hyper STT 6max please,
  • coldchurch


    I don't understand all the critics. Nice vid sir!
  • puddelding


    dafuq did i just watch.. if you make another video please do a test run first and play your regular games (6max hypers stt).

    sorry but this video shouldnt be published like this. content and quality wise videos should have a higher standard. i'd love to see some 6max hyper stt action of you though.
  • madein1984


    07:00 why should this ever be a -EV spot? I am pretty sure this is super +EV to shove. Even without ante, with the ante even more. If SB folds I think BB must call any2 getting 2,5:1 vs a 70-80% range. If SB overshoves (which he is going to do very wide too, my guess would be 40-50%) and BB folds there is 70% of our stack in the pot as dead money.
  • madein1984


    The comment you made here on Q3o is the kind of content I really appreciate and I hope to see more of that in the future! I did the math on the mentioned spot at 07:00, in chip mode you should shove 67,4%. SB should then overshove 44.5% and BB still call 30.9%. If SB folds BB has an any2 call. J7o is +0.32, so far too much to let go in a hyperturbo mtt. 96o is break even, as well as 54s and 94s - considering the blinds know their assume they call tighter, so I edited the ranges to 35% SB push 24% BB overcall and 75% BB call. Now you could shove 81%, including J2o, 54o, 52s, T4o.
  • AndreNC


    Obv he will produce mindblowing content for highstakes Hyperplayers :D cmon guys..srsly?
  • bettinglife


    madein1984, Yes that is true, I actually only take +10% spots in MTT since field is very very soft, but since we're so short you can likely go wider and take thinner edges. And yes you're right J7o is borderline 10% spot, I calculated myself. You probably should go something around 55% % tho instead of 67.4% bottom breakeven.
    But since they're very likely tighter, you can go wider, so the 67% make sense again :) Well done sir.
  • pLAYERsjsk


    nice video. ty


    59o? no matter what soft the 82$ are you play horribly.
  • Kansofkele


    not bad
  • sileekhunt


    slightly confusing video format
  • IOoOI


    <(^_^<) WTF video (>^_^)>
  • nunopires


    I bet there is a bunch of fishes playing $1 criticizing their plays. Stupid idiots, the fact u dont understand them doesnt means he played bad...