Bootcamp: Slam5 Reviews NL200-400 hands

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $400
  • Shorthanded
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Slam5 joins our NL Bootcamp with a look at some hands he's played at NL200 and NL400 and explaining his thought process


Bootcamp HH Review

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest Bootcamp video as Slam5 reviews his play at NL200 and NL400

    If you have any questions/comments for the coach please leave them below
  • urmo1


    Hi, nice video. I think u took too much time for some hands, everybody nl 100+ knows preflop ranges in most spots. I think u could do like 2-3 hands more with that time.

    17:05 what u think about betsize 24-28$? i think theres same calling range.
  • schnukki007


    i like the range descriptions...
  • pokermachy


    Hey, nice video and 35/27/10 over 580k hands = respect sir!

    Anyway, in the very last hand, raise AI vs just raise as you did OTR generates the same amount of calls?

    Meaning that you just raise OTR instead of going all in to have bluffs cheaper? You do the same for value? tbh if I really have a value shove there I go all in. Maybe I do quite a big mistake.

  • instaflip


    very good line with J8o. whats the worst hand in your range you would x/r for value in this spot?

    overall kinda short vid but nice hand selection, liked it.
  • schnukki007


    do we have to call if he shoves in the first hand because of the right equity?
  • BC1989RF


    Agree with #2, you could talk a bit quicker.
    I think hero should be careful regarding bluff XR as PFR when the majority of villain's range xbacks i.e. we wouldnt play a value hand XR .
    the J8o and even more the QTo hand. I really doubt hero checks a value hand when CO will xback hands as strong as Kx and hero misses a street of value vs the fish. The j8o hand BvB is more reasonable but i still think you are unbalanced/only show up with bluffs here.
    That's said these are tough spots for villain :)

    Good video
  • kingbencool


    Have the same question like #6.
  • Virtusnyc


    first hand analysis is pretty horrible tbh
  • ddmacq


    dis is a free software?
  • pKay


    These are all very interesting plays.

    But I agree that they usually wouldn't be part of a balanced gameplan, so they are highly exploitative.

    If you're in a spot where you think villains call a lot you would definitely want to barrel your made hands.
    So you can't really c/r a bluff to rep a strong hand because you don't want to bet because you think you don't have enough foldequity.
    So for a very aware villain these lines aren't good but for nonthinking grinders at these lvls such lines are highly +EV imo.