Ongame High Roller Victory Review - Opening Stages

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $530
  • Fullring
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Pokerguru is back with another deep run at high MTT stakes. This time he reviews a victory in the $500 High Roller Ongame MTT


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Comments (17)

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  • nnssoonn


    Nice video!
  • nnssoonn


    I guess that you are pokerguru740 on Pokerstars as well? 8/20 in Sunday Warm-up?
  • pleno1


    Yeah he is, gogogogogogogogogg
  • nnssoonn


    Nice! I'm playing on one screen and railing on the other :)
  • nnssoonn


    Good play, Pokerguru749! Will there be a video?
  • pokerguru740


    Yes that was me, that one stings a bit, oh well think I played optimally which is important. To answer your question, there might be a review of the w/u in the future. Thanks for the sweat.
  • BC1989RF


    Wow the last hand T9 - takes tremendous discipline not to bluff this runout. Maybe we gave too much credit to villain's hand reading ability though.
    I thought balance wasnt that important in MTTs.

    Cool video and well played in the warm up
  • Talent2


    Thx for the nice video!

    Min 09:08 Could you pls explain why we wonna 3b 2.5x 140bb deep against a minopen when we should have a very strong valuerange!? Imo it should be a 3b to around 500.
  • MintberryC


    Great video again!

    btw, Randomdonk = Chris Moorman.

    So yeah, you could say he is "somebody good on stars" :D
  • pokerguru740


    Wowww, thanks mintberryC. Had no clue lol Really good to know, he loves to battle.
  • Lasso


    nice video, keep it up
  • BHSurfer


    @ 48:50 when u defend K4s in the bb.
    U say u think that he checks back an A or a Q on the flop and when u hit the nut flush on turn u correctly say that he starts betting his value hands but u c/r him 4x, I think this is way 2 much and he will fold all the hands that u want him 2 go on with?
  • pokerguru740


    I can't say I agree that he'll fold his value hands on turn when being c/r'ed this big. In my experience when I've taken this line several times before people are really bad at folding hands when they are value betting and facing an unorthodox line. This is why I generally do this line for value because so many people will not fold an Ace/queen on turn or river.
  • filipvareseRNMD


    i don t understand wich was the plan with 22, 4b/f or 4b/6bshove?
  • jjoko


    I love the first hand
  • mihuan612


    The last hand, you said that you not gonna bet river with 8 or 9 of diamond, but I think this is a clear value bet for me. especially if villian think you don't bet with such hands. I mean he have some flush in his range like KQ with Kd or Qd,AQ with Qd ,but that's not that much combo, maybe AT with Td, but I think he's check back this flop much of the time. I think it's unlikely he open with QTo JTo with his stack sizes. So most of hands in his range is one pair or two pair with no diamond. If he think you only bet this flop with nut flush, It's perfect time you value bet with any diamond hoping to get paid by bluffcatch.