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Button Play hu Theory Video

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  • Orodin


    Great video, thanks :)

    I hear you speak about the hyper-turbos though. Is this "relentless aggressive" (including the 80-100% open range, 40-45% cbet size etc.) strategy also equally applicable to the regular games?
  • Urvutiburvu


    2 3 ..nahodou sentin je hoodne dobre srozumitelnej...mozna by stalo za to nauččit se anglicky?.-)
  • Urvutiburvu


    great video !
  • Scarmaker


    presne tak, ak nerozumiete jemu, tak už neviem potom, komu rozumiete

    Sentin rocks!
  • Sentin


    @orodin I wouldn't suggest applying a 100% opening range in all other game formats necessarily, but we can definitely open a vastly expanded range on the button at the lower stakes. For example, I think for 6max zoom we can easily open anywhere from 70-85% otb since most people are utilizing the fast fold option much too liberally at those stakes.
  • alexstunning


    yesterday it was for gold status only :)
  • Sentin


    I requested it be changed as I had created it thinking it would be accessible to all members. Happy holidays.
  • moreanes1


    Amazing vídeo. Thank you so much for this.
  • SweetPaul


    hi Sentin :) nice video!
    Concerning match with Lakes 101101. about 24:35 you open shove with Ac7c for 9bb deep. Before you was remarked that this player is extremely tight and even at short stack deep he do not adjust a lot. So is this optimal play? I think is better to just play miniraise here cause:
    If he is tight he will call tight! So frequently with stone. Of course, at this stack deep he will be forced to call with tons of hands against which we are still better or we are flipping.. but! we do not left him opportunity for 3BS for bluff/semi bluff with cretins hands. Even tight player can bluff sometimes at this deep.
    On the other hands, we allow him to see the flop with a hands which play extremely well postflop as middle suites connectors, 79*, T7* etc.. but again! with this type of hand, as well with hands as K4*, Q5*, weaker Ax etc he will be able to show frequently over our mini-raise cause he will have enough equity against our perceived range. whats do you think?
    I hope my English was good enough for made it clear enough for you to understand me :)

    Merry Christmas!!
  • Axif1


    Paul, do not tell me that you want to r/f A7s 9bb deep. I'd jam it even against Howard
  • Victory1986


    Great video! Thank you!
  • SweetPaul


    no Axif1. I want to r/c if villain 3BS. I think he will call us very tight if we jam but if we just miniraise we will induce a lot 3bets shovs from hands which are worse then our A7*. so I think playing this A7* as miniraise is EV+ vs playing this A7* as open shove, because:
    1. our hand is strong enough to play postflop if just called
    2. our hand is strong enough against any 3BS at 9bb deep
  • SweetPaul


    but that was just a question for Sentin. I would like to know whats he think about it? I now that the standard play here is open shove. I do it is well. But maybe against the villain who call tight and 3BS very large is more profitable option to just miniraise here instead of open shoving.
  • Antaris1


    great stuff
  • Sentin


    Thanks everyone for the nice response, glad you guys enjoyed this video.
    As for the A7s at 9bb, it's kinda close and I don't think either option is awful by any means, but against players we've labeled as tight who we therefore dont expect to have a wide 3bs range, we actually get much more value from open-shoving and forcing them to stack off with what we'd expect is an expanded calling range (based on stack size and probably some frustration at getting run over). Because by just minraising against weak tight players, we give them the opportunity to flat all the weaker parts of their calling off range and play pretty perfectly vs us since the Ace is a really overt part of our range. However, if we're playing someone we know to be even the slightest bit active in the 3b-game, then minraising is definitely a solid option.
  • AtmaDarshan1


    Excellent video! Many thanks!
  • Ramble


    Start was decent, middle was meh, and end was very interesting. Thanks.
  • Arcanis23


    great video, thanks