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In his first gold video for Skodljivec takes to the PLO50 Zoom tables to display some of the differences between PLO50 and the lower stakes


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  • beebeeboy


    Hi, Skodljivec

    Thanks for the video!

    My question is not about your certain move in the video, but it comes up from your BvB situation:

    As I believe it is more profitable to 3-bet hands that hits more flops than hands that have nut potential in HU. So when we on BB with medium AAxx hands is it more porfitable to just call instead of 3bet? And 3bet for example T854ds or 9753ds instead of call?

    Another question is about limping AAxx/KKxx hand on SB:
    What do you think about limp/call those hands on SB? Is it kind of a trapping move or is it cheap way to see that flop that we won't hit ver often?

    Those I wrote apply mostly to situation when we are against decent player or regular; not weak player
  • Mr3bet4you


    pls do more Videos at PLO 50. You are doing a great Job. thx
  • Lasso


    i love u <3

    great video as always!
  • Skodljivec


    Hey guys,

    #2 Well basically i 3bet everything bvb, therefore some opponents start 4betting light; when you reach that, 3betting AA becomes great so you can just 5bet jam when you have it. There's nothing worse for your opponent finnaly having enough of your agression bvb, only to hit the rockets when he decides to fight back. I really think most good players 3bet at least twice as much bvb than any other spot, so all the hands you described are good candidates for a 3b. Ofc, you have to be careful not to go overboard.

    I don't like limping on the SB with AA or KK, unless it's mw and i can sometimes backraise. Tough to play AA and KK unopened in a very high SPR scenario OOP vs a decent player.

    #3 and 4; thanks a lot. I do plan on making my next live vids for plo50, so hopefully you'll get what you want :).

    #1 - sorry i don't understand :D.

    P.S. - sorry for the slight technical difficulties in the vid with the audio!


  • rulaZ


    12:15: Would you 3bet any A***ds here? When would you rather call / fold? Does it depend on blinds or the PFR/Position of the Openraise

    min 13: you were wondering that Villain didn't raise with his AA+nfd, do you think that's bad on his part? There is still a player behind, that could semi-bluff raise or call with a weaker fd, which would fold to a raise.
    1) What would you do in his shoes?
    2) What would you do HU in his shoes?

    Thanks for the vids, enjoyed it
  • tonypmm


    Congrats on the first Gold video! Thanks for pointing out that it's great to 3bet wide BvB (of course AA too - to avoid capping the range and letting SB 4bet QQ or weak KK liberally). I was intuitively understanding it but a bit embarrassed to implement. Note that it's also useful for 'implied tilt odds' :D

    What's your stance on iso-3betting a maniac on the right similarly wide (like half the time) to get 'exclusive access' to him IP? Regs sitting behind seem to usually adjust poorly (fold either too much IP or too little OOP), but the problem is that I end up with too weak postflop ranges and the maniac stops believing me, especially on A-high flops...

    As for your confusion of tables 1 and 2, I thought the reason why you chose different colours for them was to call them 'green' and 'grey' - that's quite convenient, isn't it?
  • MrTrocks


    10:30 the QJK5ds on 3J9r vs a raise from an aggr reg. would u always fold to an raise here? or somethimes call flop and go broke on decent turns?
  • MrTrocks


    11:16 JQs4To in sb vs co

    i´m not a big fan of this call to be honest. u have not really much hands on the BB and dont know his 3b/squeezen %. Isnt it better instead of calling to 3b here? or is that also bad because pos. The good thing about 3b is that BB often will fold and our Hand plays better hu with initiantive.
  • MrTrocks


    12:20 sry lot of questions :-) table 1 Nutflush which hands would u continue to bet ott? I also see this days that i get some "floats" on this boards and oop is not that easy to play it. When u marked a player how likes to float at this boards isnt it a good assumption to c/c or craise turn with A or K high flush ott?
  • MrTrocks


    13:15 table 2: villian is an pst reg. how did u like his call otr. to be honest if he thinks u are a reg his call insn´t good imo. u cant have the nfd and he has to give u credit that u will not turn a K flushdraw in a bluff otr. (get my point?)
  • MrTrocks


    31:42 do you think this is a good flop to go for an cr here? JKx is a flop where villian could have some cards to go with. (isnt it the same shitty board i attak in a hand Q8x?)
  • MrTrocks


    36:47 A795ds table 2 at which pos would u open it? If btn is tight on the co?
  • MrTrocks


    38:02 how is sneezing in the backround ^^
  • MrTrocks


    not how i mean who ^^ ?
  • avivstars


    Great vid, tnx
    Pls keep them coming :)
  • Skodljivec


    Hi guys, sorry for the delay in the answering, but had a really busy schedule.

    #6 It depends. Most ds for sure, but if i'm not feeling i'm playing good i might not even 3b in the first place.

    The second question. I wouldn't say it's bad, maybe unorthodox a bit. I would raise in his shoes purely for value. Apart from the unlikely sets, i'm crushing here if i have AA+nfd.

    #7 i would definetly 3bet such a player with broadways mostly, and never with low rundowns. That allows me to have a better preflop hand than him, which should translate into winning the most postflop in the long run.
  • Skodljivec


    And now for MrTrocks :D

    #8 i really can't see many decent turns, so i would always fold.

    #9 it's a minraise so i think it's fine to call. 3b is ok too, but with the dangler it's a bit marginal imo. You can easily fold the hand as well.

    #10 i don't think the timecode matches your question.

    #11 it's close. He has to know that i'm either going on a total bluff or have him beat since he blocks the nut draw. Agree with ur point.
  • PapaMen1


    Отличное видео) Nice job)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skod, very nice video! Just wanted to ask you what you would do 15:57 on table 2 if the turn had flushed but NOT paired (which happened here with the 2spades) and your opponent had raised on a 3spades for example? And would it make a difference to you if the opponent raised say half pot or full pot on the turn? I suppose in the actual scenario, with the 2of spades, you would fold this deep when potraised or? Great video once again, really liked your thought-process at table one around 06:03 when you talk about potentially being faced with a raise, similarly I really like it when you say I am going to bet-fold here (I think you have nut flush on paired board and you explain so clearly why there is still worth in betting but also why you would fold to a raise), I learn a lot from this as I still make moves sometimes without having an answer ready for my opponent's reactions and your videos help me fix that leak. Thank you in advance for answering my questions Skod!