Trouble Spot Analysis: Donk Bets

  • Omaha
  • PLO
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Skodljivec continues his Trouble Spot Analysis series this time looking at Donk Betting


donk betting series Theory Video trouble spot analysis

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  • MrTrocks


    first :-))) nice Donking
  • MrTrocks


    min 20 what would u do otr if a spade comes i think u would c/f here? what if the river brikes? would u bet it also or c/f
  • MrTrocks


    min 30 ure nut str8 on 654cc if u would get raised u would shove or take an eq shift? would u barrel also an club ott if villian just calls?
  • Kyyberi


    The first hand, when UTG checks your bet isn't actually a donkbet.
  • Skodljivec



    #2 barreling the river every time probably.

    #3 i would probably jam, cause i expect him to have more semibluffs from EP. Also we are OOP so it's easier to jam and not wait for a safe turn, wich we might not even know is safe.

    #4 hm... well yeah i didn't donk bet u are right... Still a good example if i had :D
  • LagFM


    Hi Skod,
    I know there isn't "good numbers", but what would you consider a good % of flop donks?

    Also: can you really donk too much?