Quiz Time With Boomer - What's The Best Hand You Fold?

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Boomer returns with an experimental video examining the situation where we are check-raised by the Big Blind in a Heads Up Pot and barelled.


GTO quiz Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi everyone

    Please enjoy my latest video. If you have any questions or comments please post them below
  • floaty


    Couldnt you drop some Axo on the flop or something and run with KT+o instead, cause, say he does play like us and he doesnt raise his A-high draws, then the only A he has are Ax-paired, and in those situations our A-high is dominated anyway, and the KT+ still has sd-value against the draws he raises with but have more outs
  • floaty


    Was regarding the first hand. Havnt gone through the whole video yet :)
  • Boomer2k10


    I would say no because your equity vs his range is higher with A-High not just because of the absolute hand strength but the fact should we hit our top pair it's way less likely to be drawn out on

    This also covers us when our opponent doesn't play like us and does something like raise an A-high FD.
  • floaty


    True it does cover us when he does raise an A-high fd. But if he didnt then there shouldnt be an ace that doesnt already have our aces beat in his range right? Cause when I ran it in equilator they KT-KQ has like 4-5% better eq than A3-A7, and I just thought they made more sense in this case. But ye, it does cover us some when he raises his A-high draws, but then again, the aces to skip are the low ones so they dont really cover us that well anyway, and most of the time both KT-KQ and the low Ax will be folded later on unimproved anyway, so why not go with two overcards-outs you know are more live and can be raised on the turn should you hit? Plus an ace on the turn might get him to check his weaker hands.
  • g4mes


    More of that! Learned a lot!
  • Boomer2k10



    Either move will work fairly well, you could even go with a combo (say calling KJ/KT and folding some A-high or something similar). This is actually a hand where the turn ranges can be a little fluid, if you like the K-High hands there's no problem w/ calling them but I'd caution vs folding the medium-sized A-highs vs unknowns or players you're not sure about


    Thanks very much. Appreciate it
  • kavboj84


    Hey Boomer,

    in the first example, as the BB, what is the range you continue with when you face a raise ?