PokerTracker 4 PLO - Live at 25PLO Zoom

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Using Pokertracker 4 well is one of the best ways of improving your game. In this video Kyyberi plays a session of 25PLO Zoom and goes through his usage of the program


Live Video PokerStars Pokertracker 4 PT4 Zoom

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  • Kyyberi


    Hi guys, forgot to mention in the video I approach the Zoom with tight preflop gameplan. So you can see me folding all the marginal hands. When preflop ranges are tighter even from the BTN, I chose to open for pot.

    Reason for this is to show one way to approach the game when learning PLO. Normally I would open a lot more from the late positions and adjust my betsizing accordingly. Hope you enjoy the video!
  • Amstaff28


    Why is this free? Thx anyway!
  • semmel81


    Nice Vid.

    @12:25 I prefer to size the Turnbet like the half Stack of the Shorty ($4.95)
  • Kyyberi


    @#3: At some spots it's important to make a betsizing that opens another betting round if shorty shoves. But in this spot I don't think he is shoving often. Turn doesn't help him often, so with that pricing he's going to just call almost always. And I want to get as much value as possible. And with bigger turn sizing I can put the other villain allin on river, in case he decides to bluff or bluffcatch.
  • YohanN7


    Nice, nice. But the sound quality...

  • Kyyberi


    What's with the sound quality?
  • darhem


    11:50 turn: is there a reason why you don't bet pot when you know he has a straight draw?
  • coldchurch


    Very nice vid. I suggest PS dubs all your Finnish vids in English, my Finnish is not too good. :-)
  • Kyyberi


    @7: They are both somewhat regulars, so making a "normal" betsizing keeps my range wider. That way I can get lighter calls on turn and river. If I pot, it's pretty clear that I have the nuts. Against call-happy recreational players I would have potted or near-potted.
  • darhem


    ok make sense, thx.
  • coldchurch


    Very nice vid!

    1:20 table 2: what's (the bottom of) your 4bet-range?
  • 12apor


    Thx for good viedo!
  • SasoriHayate


    :))) what a nit playing only his buttons and aces '-_-
  • Sailer85


    Are you not playing way to tight?
    e.g. you fold JT99s on BB vs a BU-open... Isn't JT99 a very strong hand (top 10% orso)?
  • Kyyberi


    In this old video I used really tight preflop ranges, as stated in the first comment. That's why there are a lot of folds from the blinds. Normally, JT99 is definitely in BB defending range against BTN open.