$100 Rebuy Final Table Review - Opening Stages

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $105
  • Fullring
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Pokerguru is back with a look at a recent final table in the $100 Rebuy on PokerStars


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Comments (5)

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  • L0rdOfFreedom


    08:35 33 - Really weird sizing on turn. Why didn't you just shove? His range is probably draw heavy and you gave him chance to realize his equity. Furthermore sometimes he can feel comitted and call his one pairs.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    35:15 KK - I think the best play here would be shove turn. Not the best turn card but you can still rep 2 overs and get call from QQ-JJ, maybe tp. Check is also fine but there is some bad rivers and i feel like you missing value
  • pokerguru740


    Freedom- I disagree, there are way more combinations of Jx, 88/99 etc than there are of something like KQhh etc, when putting a range so narrow to flushdraws there will always be less combinations. I also think some percentage of the time he'll get in a flushdraw on flop and another(greater) percentage he'll get it in on the turn. By overbet shoving turn I'm pretty sure if he has AJ etc I'll be getting called pretty much always when of course that's not what I want.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    I just don't get it why you bet turn so small. It's just invitation for him to make call with better hands and as i said he can sometimes feel comitted and call river too
  • grundig


    nice video ! , don`t like 33 hand on 08:35 i really like more shove turn , but ur the boss here :)
    Good vid !