Coaching Replay: TomSom87 20-tabling on PokerStars

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Relive the excitement as TomSom87 our 180-man SNG coach plays a live session on Pokerstars including some very deep runs Tomsom87's coachings are must-see and take place at 22:00CET every Tuesday


180-man coaching Live Video MTSNG multi-tabling

Comments (7)

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  • coldchurch


    Nice vid, Tomsom! Ignore ze Germans.
  • coldchurch


    (Could someone from PS delete numbers 7-9?)

    In general, do u shove/call/reshove wider than Nash?
  • tomsom87


    It depends on the situation. If I have a sub 8bb stack, unless its a table full of regs, I would shove wider. I tend to call off narrower than nash vs most, as most players aren't shoving wide enough.

    It's a really difficult question to answer because there's so many different scenarios. The short answer is, it depends! :D
  • seedorf333


    give meaning of hud
  • tomsom87


    #13 - Bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • iMumu


    nice video, ty Tom :)
  • Atalol


    What the f*** I just watched..? Oo
    2 hours 180man vid..

    Great vid thou :D And you touched few nice topics that I was interested in :)