Hot $55 Win Review - Final Table

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KatieDozier314 concludes her Hot $55 tournament win review with a look at the final 3 tables


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  • madein1984


    04:42 you fold 97o, ante adjusted blinds are 4.7 or 4.8 blinds deep. I don't want to open HRC right now because stars is running, but HU nash would recomment to call up to 5 blinds. With card removal effects from the folding players this should be approx BE, but definitely a spot to look at more precisely, espacially because you mentioned earlier in the vid that you would shove looser than HRC from the SB.
  • madein1984


    14:40 how did you calculate the bubble factor for this spot? I thought, it's not the final table, and you need all stack sizes from all tables to theoretically calculate ICM accurately, and I don't knwo how to do that with HRC if there's more than one table. Or did you set the prize pool distribution to 1? Because I assume there is a substantial icm tax on this spot, making QJs marginal.
    16:00 9bb with A3o seems very marginal from the CO, especially if you dicount QQ+.
    17:50 this is a rare spot where I would consider just shoving the whole stack, even if it's 13 true BBs or something. FT bubble has a huge ICM tax, and again I wonder how you implemented this tax.
    HU I think you are a little too passive vs his limps, he puts himself in a good spot with a superwide range in position where he can take down many pots that both miss.

    Anyways, congrats! Very solid play, not a single big mistake in my opinion.
  • cyberraver


    03:00 For me as a cashgameregular the $ EV of the 16x reshove with 22 SB/mp3 is very surprising.
    How it´s possible that a preflopAI with 22 relatively "deep" for a turboFT as 2th in chips vs the chipleader can be +$ EV?
    Only explanation 4 that is maybe that the chipleader is completly crippeld after loosing that hand and also the BB is doesnt´criple us if he wake up with a tophand.
    A modified calculation with a dominant chipleader (>1mio chips) or a larger stacked BB would be interesting.
    Is the calcultion based on a rangesplitted 3betrange or only on a rehoverange 16x also with JJ+,AK?
    Sorry for english skillz^^
  • cyberraver


    ok...the 22 hand was on F2T or F3T instead of FT. Later u said that before FT the HR-calculation are in chip-EV mode. so the 22 hand was also in Chip-EV? Why not $-EV?

    if villain understand how capped u are by ur 16x reshove and he is not on scared money...then he will call u much lighter.

    I think in $-EV the hand is minus, butmtts are not my maingame.....what are the mttregs thinking about that?
  • fabyh


    love u hotjenny :)
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    Nice video, but i think you shouldn't do drugs so often^^

    Got some questions about 22 hand:

    03:02 - Don't you think that there is too big ICM pressure and you shouldn't calculate it in pure chip mode? You are on 35bb and PFR still cover your stack. Furthermore he probably know that your range is capped

    Why no just setmining here? Even if reshove is +EV i think flat would be better(assuming BB not so aggressive).
  • KatieDozier314


    @madein1984: The 97o hand is a call if the player is shoving a nash range of 84% (including hands like 75o). Thanks for pointing this out!

    I analyzed the hands in chip EV mode, since like you point out there is no easy way of analyzing non-FT spots in the HRC, and just make a qualitative adjustment based on the ICM tax. It isn’t a perfect method but it is still one of adjustment. I think that the QJs 3-bet is close, but I would now prefer a shove over the fold that I made in game. Keep in mind that while we are more risk-averse, he should also be somewhat risk-averse for calling off over half his stack so I don’t usually tighten to a significant extent in spots like this. There are also good opportunities to exploit final table risk aversion and chip up even more if we manage to get a big stack.

    With the A3o shove, I think it is a close shove with any ace once we narrow the calling ranges of the other players in Nash (example: I do not think the big blind is calling with any pocket pair or suited ace).

    Open shoving 88 would certainly be reasonable, but with players left to act like stevie444, I wanted to give them the opportunity to shove worse pairs that they would likely fold to a shove with.
  • KatieDozier314


    @cyberraver: Thanks for your feedback and questions. I’d like to respond, by could you first clarify please what you mean by a “range-splitted” 3bet range?
  • KatieDozier314


    @fabyh—Aw, thank you!
  • KatieDozier314


    @L0rdofFreedom: Ty, though I’m not sure that saying I’m on drugs is a great way to get your questions answered! ;)

    The 22 hand is certainly close as to whether or not I should 3-bet shove, but I don’t like flatting to set-mine here as it would set up an easy squeeze for the big blind with 60k in the pot and his ~130k stack. Plus, when the player opens in late position, it makes him on a wider range of course for opening so it is a lot less likely that we are fully paid off in the event that we do hit a set, and we would be playing out of position which would make it more difficult for us to win the hand in other ways. With almost 2 full tables left and there being no significant pay jumps until the final table, I think it is reasonable to use chip mode to analyze this hand. He may also be on a tighter range for calling it off because of his own risk aversion approaching the FT.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    Just kidding i like your enthusiasm, thanks for answer ;)
  • KatieDozier314


    Haha, thanks :)
  • cyberraver


    “range-splitted”(mostlikely bad translatet:gesplitte 3betrange in german) means in that spot:

    you 3bet something like 5bb in 2bb with your toprange...maybe:99+,AQ+ balanced with some bluffs.... a moneyscared nitty recreational player 3bet non ai (about 2,5x oop) in that maybe only with KK+ and no bluffs (hardcore exploitive and exploitable, but hard to have that read for 100% in rerality but these players exist espiacially on lows-mid mttstakes).
    another possibility is a mixed strategy with certain holdings...but that´s way to complicated here and "overbalanced" in spots in which nobody get ever a big sample on the opponent (maybe for regs in 109+ mtts on small sites not sunday balancing can become much more important)

    -In my opinion in ur ranges and calculations with HR are "wrong or at least unrealistic or not precise in 2-3 points (i eaven don´t use that software myself atm, but i am motivated analyse some special mtts out of my database in the netx weeks....)
    Rememeber i am cashgamereg and Katie is mttcoach and use the software a normally u should much better than me the difference between $ and chip-EV (no offense....just that normally ur choice Shove>Fold>call>3bet small should be right).
    In my opinion with realistic ranges, a looose thinking reg not on scared money (as i remeber the villain goes in that direction...we don´t know how good he is but that villain understand the point capped ranges/ rangesplit >99% and is defintely not a scared fish.
    I never did that calculation with HR myself (some homeworks^^)....but $-EV with a realstic ranges will be very differnt from ur propoesed chip-EV-range based on unrealistig ranges and ignoring that rangesplit of ur 3betingrange and the knowledge and adjustment of villains range base of that fact.
    Problem is that ur 16x 3betshovingrange is 22-88,Ax-AJ,K9+,etc
    that range is 100% unbalanced and consists only of medium strength toprange and no real bluffinghands.....if that 2 ranges are correct every 22+ reg with more than 1000-2000 games experience (ok...maybe just 80%+....there also really "stupids regs")understand that and can exploit ur 2 ranges maximal!
    or do ever shove 16x 54s or AA in that spot?
  • cyberraver


    Final2T or F3T have already "icm-tax"/ bubblefactor consideration.....not very high like at the FT (at the FT the same reshovesituation with same stacks would be "ICM-suicide" in my opinion and hardly minus EV!)the hot 55 is a massmtt with more than 100 itm...right? or is that just hotter 55?
    with >100 player itm the chip-EV at F2T is not very intersting (only as comparistion)what count is the $-EV!
    that mistake combined with that 3betrangesplit and adjusted callingrange by villain make ur calcultion very wrong or better unprecise in my opinion.
    it´s maybe 2-15 min more work for u producing the video and i am happy if the payjumps between place 10-27 are only+15% correct . and plz use realsting ranges in ur calculations.

    i want to learn in such mttsvideos how big is the difference $ and is the same spot at FT and F2T in $-EV.
  • cyberraver


    without reads fold> (maybe = or with tight BB and reads on villain) call>3betshove>3bet small is my opinion of that hand in a F2T situation. only with special reads/tendencies 3betai>call or fold
  • KatieDozier314


    @Cyberraver: Thanks for your comments and feedback. I agree that overbet 3bet shoves are usually "hands in the middle" like low pairs, and smaller 3bets a range of premium hands and air. But keep in mind that just because a good opponent may realize our range is capped, that doesn't make these shoves unprofitable, or our strategy easily exploitable. In terms of using $EV in the final 2 or 3 tables, I definitely agree that is better. But I don't know of a way to do this with software. If you have a method to suggest I'd be very interested, right now though the best method I know of is to start in cEV mode and adjust from there.
  • CrimsonTree


    Hey :)

    Another great video, thanks for that! I really do like the fact that you analyse every spot in the calculator even though its a clear one. But it helps getting clear about buttom ranges and close spots.

    But i think i'd folded the 88 at 18:15 . A few hands before you openshoved your buttom range with nearly the same stack, minraising into a lot of reshipping stacks seems very suspicious. And if the already tight BB noticed that too, his/her range might be even more thight than it already is.

    Greetings from Germany
  • KatieDozier314


    @CrimsonTree: Thank you! :)

    You bring up a good point about the 88 hand-- thanks for the insightful comment!
  • ebostockk


    HIGH stakes poker:)
  • Shakaflaka


    Hi katie!

    What payout structure did use in HRC to analyse the spots in the last phase of the tournament?