The Red Pill - Reviewing Neobot's Adaptations

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Boomer and Maddy review the first session they played vs Neobot analysing some of the more non-standard hands that were played in the session focusing on value play


GTO Heads up red pill series

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  • YohanN7


    I think that some hands that you are analyzing may be "unusual", not in the sense that the lines are wierd, but unusual because it has a small frequency in the mixed strategy a GTO bot applies in each situation.

    For example, just because it barrels, AK on a 964T board, it doesn't mean it makes that move every time with these holecatds and this board. (Perhaps also it was the exploitative side talking here, who knows.)

  • YohanN7


    The above comment applies especially to the Q5 (robot) on the 2J7QQ board. I really don't think it consistenly waits until the river like a 5c/Tc fish with this holding. It obviously wants to keep some queens in its river range, and this is randomized, not by the kicker alone, but an RNG. Perhaps it does this like 1/4, who knows. (The engineers and programmers would know, at least they'd be able to find out.)

    Else, has it seen you fold to many turn raises? In that case it might be exploitation.
  • Boomer2k10


    That is definitely the case

    True GTO will never involve static ranges with individual hands postflop, there will always be some play with the individual hands.

    But you are correct and I have no doubt eventually this bot would switch to fully exploitative once it has enough data and that'd be sad times for anyone playing it
  • xmel1959


  • xmel1959