Coffeeyay Plays HU MTTs on PokerStars

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11 - $22
  • Heads-up
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If you're participating in the Head Up Championship you're not going to want to miss this. Coffeeyay from takes us through a live session of HU MTT's on PokerStars and explains his thought process


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Comments (14)

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  • ribpoker


    You make it look sooo easy! :-)
    I liked the vid very much, the right amount of explanations and yet focusing on the essential things.

    Still, I'd rather guess this is slightly advanced stuff like bronze or silver, since there are so many terms like thin value, equity share, bluff induce etc. with no further explanation. Besides, HU MTT wouldn't be the standard format for beginners, I suppose.

    For those who are not familiar with the HUD some basic description of the most significant stats would have been helpful.
  • alexfrans


    Thanks for the video. HU MTTs are a nice subject.
  • Agosfc


    Very nice, thank you.
  • iamfane


    when you encounter weak player is easy
  • moreanes1


    nice video, thanks.
  • portjack


    very nice gameplay .. heads upis hard tho
  • tonypmm


    @#2: CoffeeHUD is just too famous to be described separately :D I don't have it, but the abbreviations are quite intuitive (ISOS = isoshove, LS = limp-stab etc.), can be figured out from the video with some effort.
  • EvelynHarper


    #2 its not about the play, its about the hud, to promote it and to sell it, this is why its for every status ;)
  • buccaneers


    I bought it back then, but don´t use it anymore. Just never used the exotiv stats.
  • buccaneers


    Not sure if pushing A7o with ~23bbs is good. Don´t you have a postflop edge + position?
  • ichputzhiernur


    turned vid off after realizing u r having major leaks.
  • simi1976


    @#9 that's exactly my opinion too
  • jasonAK22


    thank you
  • AtrociousNightmare


    As a cash player this is so weird to watch haha
    I won some awesome freeroll ticket so I'm trying to prepare for it :)