Introducing hizintak - 100NL Live Session on PokerStars

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Weclome to our new NL Coach Hizintak. In his first video for PokerStrategy,com hizintak plays 4 tables of 100NL on PokerStars and explains his style of play


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  • Campernator


    How can you play with no prefered Seat? Would die while playing...
  • Heroic76


    would have been nice if u would have told a little about you and your pokercareer at the beginning of the video. also explaining your hud would be helpfull i guess. cant judge about whole video yet, since i only watched a couple of minutes... but welcome to ps :)
  • ljutigusar


    Uri Peleg, DrShalban, Eli Elezra and hizintak are the best Isreali players IMO. 2 of them make videos on Pokerstrategy, so sick...
    TT hand at 13:30 what do u think about checking the river to let him bluff with his air?
    Nice video, hope to see more ur videos in the future.
  • casslcass


    multitabling is great for building bankroll but you don t improve your poker skills
  • nnjoseph


    good session
  • hizintak


    Hope I can answer some of the questions.
    Regarding the seating it’s the way I got used to it and every time I try to switch I feel uncomfortable.
    In the next videos there should be some more about my playing history and HUD and more. I hope that in more aspects future vids will be better.
    TT can be checked, though I had that player marked as nittier player so I think I want to be betting more often, also I think if I want to be bluffing there sometimes I also need a value range.
    Thank you for commenting.
  • TetraQuark


    Great video! For ppl who couldn't go thru first 5min or so, stick with it ... it gets better as it progresses. :)

    Hizintak ty and welcome to PS.
  • clawindsouza


    Hi hizintak,

    At ~24min, do you think the 89s call pre is +EV against a 3.5bb raise pre? What is your plan here on different boards?
  • hizintak


    i didnt do any math on it, and either way i think its going to come out borderline, but him being what i guessed at that moment a weaker player i think we can widen our ranges.
    plan is basicly just to play our equity most of the time and then sometimes we can spot him doing something bad, like taking bad sizing or other forms of leaks that would help us win the hand.
  • elpsycho


    Hi hizintak! Here are some questions from Russian Community:

    9:30 On the 4th table with a straight on the river you are saying that our villain can have an Ace or two pairs, so we have to bet big. Why wouldn't you consider a small check/raise? It seems quite impossible for him to check back Ax here.

    4:50 When you are not bluffing river with this hand it seems like you don't have a bluff betting range and you are always playing bet turn, check/fold blank rivers without improvement. And if you are betting, you are betting for value. Or do you have some bluff combos in this spot?
  • elpsycho


    6:57 4th table. We need 33% to call here, all kinds of draws got there: TJ, AT, etc. I can't think of enough bluffs to justify a call. I am not an expert bss player, but is it just like that: we give him some random bluff like 69o and call anyway?

    16:19 1st table. What hands are we looking to get call from when we are betting this sizing? Nobody will call us with a J, and he will often bet the turn with a J. Overpairs and sets are also going to bet turn, so his range looks like air and some middle pairs, and your calling range looks like TT and some Jx like QJ, JT, etc. So what are your thoughts about checking for inducing bluffs?
  • elpsycho


    Can you make a filter in HM: did cold call=true, positon hero SB, raiser position MP, and say your winrate, and also your winrate with ATs and AJs in this situation. Sorry if it sounds like nitpicking, but I really want to know that calling from SB against MP is profitable with those hands.
  • hizintak


    hi russian community, hope you like my video and my avatar :)
    reagarding the 97 hand, i think he is rarely betting Ax himself but he is calling it and he shouldnt call a x/r with 2 pair (not saying that he won't) so i think betting there is better, though i think i might have taken bad sizing.
    KQs i think i should be bluffing with this hand and this was a mistake not to bluff, i was too concerned with blocking the FD, but i think this is not so much of an issue in that spot, but also important to note that due to his pf size we are going to be very wide, and perhaps having Jx is better than our actual hand but will have to model it to be sure.
    K9o, i usualy don't give regulars random bluffs in their ranges, but in that case i think i've pointed out clearly that i had a read so this is an exploit based on sizing tell.
    TT is another exploitive adjustment, i think this vilain doesnt have a river bluffing range, so im going to have a betting and a x/f strategy, so just want to bet all my value and bluff combos, and x/f the rest.
    regarding the HM question, i have a a winrate of 132bb/100 with AJs and ATs, but sample size is only 7 hands so it means nothing, im also skeptical about the profitablility of the cold call in that spot, and usualy i do when i have a certain idea about the situation, in the video i remember cold calling that spot vs. a player that i thought was a recreational, later when i realized he is a regular i fold ATo on the BTN vs. his UTG open.
    thank you for all the questions also happy to hear any ideas about improvement or any specifics youd like to see in upcoming videos.
  • elpsycho


    Thanks for your answers!

    And as for the ideas for future videos, it would be nice to see analysis of BTN vs BB situations. It can be both 3bet pots and single-raised pots. It is a very crucial part of the game where the biggest part of the winrate is made(BTN winrate), which is also true for reverse situation (BB winrate). Thanks!