Intoduction to Twister Poker

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11
  • Shorthanded
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Tomsom87 gives us an introduction to the new Twister tables on the iPoker network


hyper turbo introduction Live Video twister

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  • LX4DR


    Content 😝
  • fsa11


    Do you think it could be profitable playing these regularly?
  • AndyBJ


    It is profitable but you need massive volume and a big bankroll :-)
  • PriscoInline


    I guess it is, with a good rakeback/bonus deals and extreme volume.
  • tonypmm


    Oh well... When I read on the news page that you've played 3 sessions, I expected to see 3 sets of 6 tourneys each... Why were you playing HUDless? (Even if you grasp opps' styles, this might be not the case for some of the viewers.) And with ATo @5:12, I believe it's a (crying) overcall specifically in Twister :D
  • muirden


    I prefer normal sit and go
  • tomsom87


    #5 I was just asked to make the videos to give an introduction to the games, it wasn't meant to be a coaching session. I have played a hundred or so of these games, but on another skin that I couldn't use to make the video.
  • ElDenisius


    thx :)for showing us,it was a introduction not a pokerlesson, thx !!!
  • fisiopi


    very nice!!
  • Bleah89


    Thanks for good introduction. Playing those myself on winner poker, due to short bankroll just 1 euro ones but still i've increased the bankroll by 50 euro hehe ;)