$109 Victory Review - Opening Stages to Final 2 Tables

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Fullring
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Sam Phillips goes through a recent $109 he was victorious analyzing his play as he goes through. In the first part he walks us through his play up until the final 2 tables


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Comments (9)

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  • L0rdOfFreedom


    Can you tell more about this 3bet with 22 at 07:24? I guess you dont want to play 3bet/5bet, so you just 3bet/fold with no blockers and low playability postflop if OR decide to call

    What is your range here, assuming 22 is bottom?
  • adadlino


    how much was the win?
  • SPhillips22


    LordOfFreedom, I use some of my best hands that I don't want to flat as a way of randomizing when I 3bet. In a shallow effective spot vs a reg I am not super worried about playability because I can anticipate a reg shoving or folding predominantly.

    Adadlino, this tournament had 5300 up top.
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    I still don't get it. Agree that 3bet with 22 can be ev+ here, but it means that we can 3bet ATC as well, right?

    If we don't see any postflop after 3bet and don't want to stack off pre i think 22 is like the worst hand to do it
  • 00Visor


    I agree with L0rdOfFreedom.
    We shouldn't just take any hand that is just too bad to flat and turn in into a 3bet-bluff.

    A 3bet-Pot is a totally different situation with different ranges and stack-to-pot ratio.

    This is especially true for 22 which we would flat solely for setvalue.
  • crombie2015


    sweet victory win
  • SPhillips22


    I agree there are definitely much better hands to 3bet in that specific spot, but taking a very marginal setmine (heads up pot (likely) without very deep effective stacks) and 3bet folding it is still a superior play than folding and perhaps flatting as well.
  • sebastien0012


    min 22:30 : With TT against Big Stack, i don t like your line.
    3bet to 5bet, Can you expecte more than a flip here.
    Why flipping that deep ?
    Of course this hand change your MTT an put you among the best stacks, against the calling range of Villian you are not in a great spot. Don t you think ?
  • SPhillips22


    Sebastien, in retrospect I am a fan of flat calling preflop against almost all villians. I think this is too high variance of a play without significant history.