Further 50PLO Live Regular Session

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Skodljivec continues his Live 50PLO session on PokerStars on the regular tables and sharing his thought process


Live Video PLO PokerStars regular tables

Comments (10)

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  • Pieczara


    Which stakes y r playing regularly right now?
  • silentpurple


  • Skodljivec


    Hi guys,

    #1 - i'm currently playing mostly plo200, but i add 100 tables if the 200 traffic is low and i feel i'd like to grind more tables.

    #2 thanks :)
  • gloeckner


    great video
  • Thailife


    hi, Skodljivec! nice vids. you didn't overlimp w jacks from button few times. is it standart?
  • Thailife


    you pot QJ8xss from D vs a fish.
    Does pot-or-fold a reasonable strategy vs loose-passive players on bb, who doesn't 3b a lot? We minraise from D 'cos our range is wide and we want to keep SPR smaller,right?
  • Skodljivec


    #5 - JJxx are already what i consider a low pocket pair in plo. You don't flop top set quite often, and even when you do, hands that are willing to stackoff vs you have very good equity usually. It's much harder for someone to flop even a lower set, so i play mostly the best JJxx in mw pots.

    #6 I pot to get max value from the fish. It's not to get the most fold equity, but to get as many bb's as i can vs a fish preflop, so postflop i can make the flop as big as i want.

    We minraise because our range is quite weak from the btn, so we don't want to build a big pot with those hands in general. But vs fish you can obviously change that :)


  • Thailife



    how about QQxx? is it fine to overlimp from late positions and overcall from blinds in multiway pots?
  • Skodljivec


    QQxx is better yes. But much worse than KK. I think QQ can still be considered a "high pair", so you can play it for set value. Still, 40% of the time iirc an A or K will flop, meaning you can be overset there especially if the tighter players are opening from the early positions.


  • Steinpilz0104


    Great job, I enjoy very much these type of videos and your very accurate comments