$100 Rebuy 3rd Place Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Fullring
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Another Week and Another Deep Run for Pokerguru. Watch as our MTT guru takes you through another deep run in the $100 rebuy tournament on PokerStars


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  • Talent2


    thx for the video!
    Min 08:08 Why doesn`t it make too much sense to double barrel here light + with a big sizing? Cause you limped behind and c/c flop so your range should have a lot of hands like (K9s/KTs/KJs/KJo/A2s-A7s), no!? I def. agree that most guys aren`t light here at all thats also due to the fact that he shouldn`t have many hands in his range (given he min isoed pre) that are good to double barrel here light(e.g. QJ/QT/JT/fd`s without sdv). But I think in theory against you range its smart to be light and not that bad to use a big sizing aswell, won`t you agree!?
    keep it up :)
  • Talent2


    Min 09:46 How about having a more polarized squ-range here like:JJ+/AK & some bluffs like Axs/KJo/ATo
    Imo TT are too light to get it in here in general given the stacksizes and the positions+action. But maybe with your image it`s fine! :) I just want to point out that sb with a tight image shouldn`t prolly squ here with TT, would you agree!?
  • Talent2


    Min 12:28 I`m a cg-player myself and I def don`t hate the checkback (prolly bet 70% of the time and checking back 30% of the time depending on your opponent seems legit!?) but on this exact turn I feel like we have to fold given the fact that the J isn`t a great card at all where we prolly have more reverse implieds than implied odds + the fact that we can be drawing dead already + two of the remaining 6s aren`t great either, how do you think about that!?
  • Talent2


    Min 15:59 Do you think a river vbet is too thin, after his check back on the turn I feel like he has a lot of hands with sdv so prolly sth like (22/33/55/88/maybe even 99/65s/A6s/or some good Ahighes like AQ/AJ) and if this range is somewhat correct i feel like vbetting > c/? . What is your opinion on that?
  • Talent2


    Min 29:55 Is leading Q7s on this texture a good option?
  • pokerguru740


    Hey talent2, thanks for the questions.

    Hand 1: Mainly because when facing a weaker player you dont need to level yourself into thinking that they understand ranges on a level that you understand. I agree with everything that you said ,but when a fish bets into 2 people and one calls most of the time he'll just assume an ace is in my range, so he wont double barrel light often, plus that fact he iso'ed pre making his range even stronger.

    Hand 2: I'm kindve indifferent about this hand, by squeezing we can get worse to flat, take the initiative etc. To plays devils advocate by squeezing we could get hands we crush to fold, get 4b light, turn value into a bluff etc. So that's why i sayd im indifferent.

    Hand 3: I see your point here, I'm sort of indifferent about this hand as well, I play a bunch of cash and I agree in cash we should fold. Tourney players don't barrel out enough though to not make calling turn profitable though with the intention of betting some rivers etc.

    Hand 4: Think its just a lil too thin, plus by checking I could allow him to bluff with certain hands.

    Hand 5: I like leading here more as a bluff than I do with value ,but against some villains I could see a lead here being nice.
  • Talent2


    Thx for the quick response! :)