$27 KO Review: Playing Deep on the Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $27
  • Fullring
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Please welcome our newest MTT coaching rodgethat as he takes us through a deep final table $27 KO that he recently played on PokerStars.


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Comments (9)

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  • imgoingtomirage


    Enjoy the first production of our new MTT coach.

    Any questions or feedback would be much appreciated.

    Have fun!
  • madein1984


    31:00 don't you thing BanMartin never has a hand he will call your shove with, if he only completes his SB? I'd probably see those 2k chips as extra free value and shove, even if it's a lot of BBs.
  • benaars


    Very nice video, I enjoyed it a lot.

    Maybe in future videos you could also review some of the early-phase/middle-phase dynamics? I see there are a lot of videos of final table and deepstacked game but not so many early game.

    thanks and keep it up
  • rodgethat


    Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you liked it.

    The A4o hand in the bb is pretty close, I would agree that BanMartin is folding almost every time but the btn will be calling a quite alot.

    That being said I think i would prefer shoving over checking, but you deff don't want to be snap jamming in this spot everytime vs good thinking villains, its very exploitable.

    Keep the comments coming guys!
  • ChrizJay


    why all the video producers are using this replayer instead of PT or HM Replayer which are IMO far better and you use your hud ... If u dont use a hud its ok to use this replayer

    early/midphase would be awesome

  • rodgethat


    Thanks ChrizJay, Been having problems with my hem2 but will hopefully get it working for the next video.

    Also plan on doing a series on a full mtt victory in the near future.
  • BanMartins


    Hello Rodge,
    Glad too see this review, gonna watch it all late today , but at beggin you said that i dont fold too much to 3bet?! =)))

    Welcome to PokerStrategy

  • BanMartins


    Watched the full video... very nice job on this HH i really like some points on your game.
    Gonna watch a lot of more of your reviews =)
  • rodgethat


    Haha thanks BanMartins! Glad you liked it, you played very well and tough.