$109 Victory - Final Two Table Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $109
  • Fullring
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Sam Phillips concludes his review of a recent $109 victory with a look at the final 2 tables including a particularly interesting Heads Up match


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Comments (7)

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  • L0rdOfFreedom


    06:20 What do you think about x/c flop and x/shove turn? As u said he is aggro so he can often 2nd barrel this board

    12:00 Juicy spot to reshove here:P
  • SPhillips22


    L0rdofFreedom I like that line a lot, with the plan of betting any river if the turn goes check/ check.

    I think I passed the reshove at the 12 minute mark just because of how shallow he was when opening, and i wasn't too sure of his tendencies on a shallow stack in regards to raise folding.
  • grundig


    27:00 with AQs why u choise bet/call that turn ? and don´t shove turn ? i think we can´t induce here , or u think he can shove bluff anytime ?
    And the next hand with A9s u 3b/C that is ur bottom range here ?
    Thank you ! very nice video !
  • SPhillips22


    Grnudig, I chose to bet/call the turn because of the size of the pot. I would not shove 100k+ into a 60k pot with my value hands and I don't want him to be able to put me on a draw and call off with hands like qj and at. I'm not hoping to induce with the turn bet but rather be able to triple barrel and get those hands to fold. The times I do get get shoved on, I just have way to much equity to fold.

    The second hand it is the bottom of my 3b/c range in this spot because of our aggressive history with the villian. Without that history, I would definitely elect to 3b/c a tighter range.
  • pKay


    22:12 What do you think about c/r(ai) river against his capped range and quite a lot of hands we can rep? (imo)
  • grundig


    thanks for the reply! i hope see more videos ! ty
  • SPhillips22



    I like the idea alot, I would like it even more if one of the common flop draws got there (either 56 or spades) but think even without this happening it could be a very profitable spot for a river c/r.