Microgaming Afternoon MTT Session

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5 - $11
  • Fullring
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Fitzinator18 continues his look at an afternoon MTT session on Ladbrokes Poker


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Comments (6)

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  • L0rdOfFreedom


    28:38 I rly don't understand your line here. Why no just b1/2 flop and shove turn?
  • VSBGimli


    good video, thanks! Amusing also :))
  • Atalol


    I don't like how you disrespect fishes (they have their own reasons and right to play how they want), but other than that nice vid I like your comments and jokes :)

    #1 I'm also curious
  • fitzinator18


    cheers for the comments. at least it's not boring! :)

    #1 and #3 about 28:38 - yup, that would probably be best, looks like i overlooked it a little. im not perfect, sometimes i take sub-optimal lines :P betting a little bigger on flop and jamming turn sounds solid to me :)
  • yxcrtl


    Awesome vid mate, definitely NOT boring! Thank you so much for putting a lot of effort in, very much appreciated. I can't wait for you next vid.
  • fitzinator18


    #5 thanks mate, I really appreciate that alot. haven't made part 3 of this yet but have a couple other vids being released soon to keep you occupied in the mean time :)