$100 Rebuy 3rd Place Review - Final Two Tables

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $105 - $109
  • Fullring
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Robert "pokerguru740" Kuhn completes his review of a recent final table performance in the $100 rebuy on PokerStars


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Comments (1)

  • LordJogo


    02:34 69o BU
    This is a newbie MTT question and it happens very often at MTTs, but this doesn't make sense for me. (on last two tables/early game/final table etc.)

    Minraise fold against 10 BB
    We have to pay against his push 15,5k chips for getting a Pot about 42,5k Chips, so we need 36,4%
    Even he got a really tight range of 22+,A2s+,KJs+,QJs,JTs,A2o+,KJo+ we got the equity 34,5%

    So we are slighty +EV to fold here.
    For villain it is a great spot to push with a huge range if there is fold equity and we loose a lot of money?

    In my "cashgame view" you have push it if pushing is +EV or you have to fold.

    May you write some thoughts about this play.Ty