Blinds vs Button Spots with Hizintak

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Hizintak goes through some hands from his database involving blind play and potential squeeze spots and explains the adjustments he might make vs certain player types


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  • toateslafel


    Nice read on the ranges. Keep going :)

    On the future, if you can, try to spreak a little bit faster.

    Thanks for video!!
  • Iwinflips


    Thanks Hizintak, great content. I can't wait to go on another positional adventure with you :D
  • Chromatic


    First hand:
    Dont u make ur hand quite faceup when u just call on the flop? I mean u will rarely if ever have no SDvalue like 7x, 6x, 88+ if u call, probably AK/AQ on very few occassions.
    I think if he is have decent at handreading he should give up turn check back river; especially on this blanks. He cant rep anything on the river but 6x that he turned into a bluff on the flop.

    My point is that clicking it back on the flop might be better against good players, so u actually can have a wide range in this spot as well as ur opponent.
  • Chromatic


    For the case he calls the min3bet he might sometimes even float , so i check any turn and call a shove
  • imgoingtomirage


    hizintak will answer your questions as soon as he gets back from Vienna :) Thanks for the feedback!
  • hizintak


    hi guys, sorry for delayed response, i'm not at home so it takes me a while to check comments and find the time to give a proper answer.

    for the KK spot, i think its a very weird texture to raise yo begin with, seems like he can't have that many value hands vs. my preceived range and not as many hands with enough equity vs. that range to bluff with, i think once he does raise, it should be preceived that he is value raising vs. a range of 99+, AK/AQ so the turn being a blank shouldnt stop him from valuebetting/bluffing in a balanced way.
    If he isn't balanced, and we have a read on how he constructs his raising range we can start thinking on better ways of playing this spot diffrently.
  • ConteCaly


    nice video... ty