10PLO Zoom Session with Skodljivec

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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Skodljivec takes to the 10NL Zoom tables on PokerStars for a live session while explaining his thought process.


Live Video PokerStars Zoom

Comments (12)

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  • coldchurch


    Very nice vid, Skoddy!
  • beebeeboy


    Looks more like 10PLO instead of 10NL
  • nvaz


    +1 :)
  • nyehehe


    nice video, ty! Great ability to play and explain on 4 zoom tables :)

    General betsizing question:
    02:20 2nd table. Do you always bet like 3/4 on these boards? what if the board was two tone? or just with high card? I like to bet 2/3 Hu on this monotone boards, cause it gives me a better price if betfolding.
    Also 10:28 1st table, turn bet. I would like to hear your thoughts about that.

    Also realised that you tend to pot every smaller pot (till 4-5bb) if you bet. What is the idea behind it?

    19:43 2nd table, to which betsize do you consider calling otf?

    37:19 3rd table, you had a fold to 3bet of 50 at the end, how is it on a bigger sample? Or is it just because of the stake, that less player 3bet at plo10? I generally fold pretty rarely IP (mostly pairs), how many % do you advise?

    Once again, great value stored up in 40 minutes, I found this format great, ty, keep up the good work.
  • nyehehe


    sorry, corrected timing:
    and 37:06
  • Rains7


    very nice video - well explained :)

    - you said that you recommend normal tables instead of ZOOM tables. According to winrate, what "should" be possible to achieve on PLO2/5/10? (zoom and normal tables).
  • Skodljivec


    Hey sorry for the delay of the answers :)


    1 - yes that is my standard betsize on most boards. It really starts depepending on opponents and their tendencies sometimes tough. But betting 3/4 as a general rule is fine. Ofc bet smaller on monotone boards, bet bigger on superwet boards sometimes.

    2 - Villain's range shoud be quite wide to peel flop; i still have an overpair, pair + 2 blockers for the nut straight. Can't c/c there, so i turn my hand into a bluff basically, that can still get called by some JTxx combos

    3 - 2/3 pot i would call

    4 - i don't get which hand you are talking about tbh. The QJxx was too weak to call vs most opponents.


    i'm not really sure about that. My winrate on plo25 regular tables before the smaller rake on stars was above 10bb/100.
  • Skodljivec


    Ofc thanks for the good rating of the vid and kind words guys!


  • nyehehe


    thanks for the great answers

    2. 10:11 I totally understand the hand, I just was asking about the sizing. you bet $1.1 into $1.3 on a relative locked board.

    4. yeah, the QJ hand. how many % dou you fold to 3bets OTB?
  • Skodljivec



    2. yeah, my hand is weak, i don't want him to call me with some pair + gutshot or something like that. I prefer he folds here.

    4. No idea :D I just fold hands that i know i won't be able to profitably play postflop with.
  • Steinpilz0104


    Great video, very instructive, thanks !
  • riouzaki


    Another great video but i think you lost a lot in the end, and that is really scary since you are obviously one of the best omaha players.

    Of course i dont question your skills, i learned and still learning a lot from you, but i think something is wrong in the low stakes.

    Maybe is cheating, maybe is rigged card generators but i stop believing is just bad luck. Most people cant even realise the odds of getting bad beats time after time. they get destroyed at the river 5 out of 10 hands every day and still think this is normal.

    I played omaha at 4 different sites (not pokerstars), and the only i see is weird plays and huge amounts of bad beats. Every moron will win in the end and you will left thinking how stupid you are, although you played very descent. I was hoping to see you destroy the low stakes but is just as i expected even at pokerstars.

    Anyway every one has his own opinion. Thanx again for another great video.