HU Championship Quarter Final - RiSh421 vs FFRRAANNKKIiEE

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Fitzinator18 goes back over the HU Championship Quarter Final between RiSh421 and FFRRAANNKKIiEE Watch for coverage of the first quarter final tonight, 25/03/2014 at 18:00 CET


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    I know I palyed it bad, espšecially last one, but it's a shootout tourney, score is 2:2, late phase, so I just over- adapted to my opponent.

    Thanks for commentary sir.
  • RiSh421


    Before watching the video and comments: i am an aggro ignorant HU player so far. My game really degenerated in the 3rd match as i could win after 2:0, but i made many errors i blame myself for (bluff push, overbets essntialy...).

    Next comment after having watched the vid...
  • RiSh421


    After watching the video:

    I "donk bet a lot", yes. I like it because it destabilizes the opponent. It paid in the beginning of the HU. But after, on my aggressive way, i became disorganised because of that, i think. My game made less sense ("erratic") because I was tilting/rushing to win.
    " i should never fold with K7 on the button". I keep that in mind. I am more a feeling player, making some weird call/raise sometimes, so i miss rationnal thoughts when i do that. Also i did not study HU yet. I should. Many leaks/errors: limps, ranges, miss shoves etc....

    Thank you for your comments, i see i have a lot to learn on HU.
  • tonypmm


    AT3r is def not a board to donkbet, almost everyone cbets it all day long so there's room for a check/raise if you fancy it.
  • tonypmm


    Poor Fitzy! :D I didn't know he had commented on this high-blind-limp-mare just prior to my semifinal... I'm yet to watch its record but I imagine how crazy Fitzy could go seeing my frequent limps there (though with some raising/shoving too and, I hope, a bit more balanced).
  • raise2much


    Looks like both players are very unexperienced in hu stts. I think pokeraph biggest error was obv his weak range he was donkbetting.

    12:00 With ak i think FranFran has to bet turn for value/protection to get to free showdown.

    Wtf at pokeraph421 its just painful to see some of his play.

    Interesting to see both players playing really face up in limped pots i think stabbing almost every time is mandatory.


    yup guilty, I'm a cash game player, not used on anything shallower than 100bb's :) But still, I did a good job, semi- finals :)


    ^also SH cash player, not HU obv :D
  • goldenbode


    Frankie for president!!!
  • tonypmm


    #6 is spot on: if you limp, it should be to limp-stab wide (bet a lot of flops IP) to make use of opponents playing too fit-or-fold OOP in limp pots, otherwise you give the BB too many free flops and turns. Also, adding a limp-3bet range (monsters) is desirable to protect limps if the opponent raises wide over them.

    (Contrary to what Collin stated when commenting on my match, of course my limping range was far from 100%, it was polarised; the problem was that it made the minraising range too weak, but I don't think the opponent loosened up to exploit that.)