$4.40 Rapid Runthrough

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5
  • Fullring
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Fitzinator18 brings us a rapid fire review of a recent $4.40 MTT on PokerStars. Make sure to leave your comments for the coach on this unique way to run through a tournament


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Comments (6)

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  • acerbikas



    The assumption he never flats KQ/KJ readless and without a HUD would never work in Partypoker. Unsure about Stars, but I do know it is not correct for Party's micro/low stake MTTs. I guess it depends on the site and the average player pool.
  • fitzinator18


    #1 I said AK/KQ right? I mean, he almost never ever has AK, KQ maybe he has sometimes. the point isn't that we're NEVER beat though. the point I was getting at is it's much better to go for value on the turn rather than check back given how few hands realistically beat us compared to the worse hands he can pay off with.
  • ZeroDegrees


    Thx for the video!
    I wonder about the A9s raise from mp3 at 26:20: you said it was terrible. Do you mean the call? He has 16 bb's, so I guess that's too much for a shove and he's dominated often when you 3-bet all-in. I see good players make plays that seem to me as too lose and vice versa, so I'm trying to work out the difference.
  • fitzinator18


    yeah i was talking about calling the 3bet jam. he's ahead literally 0% of the time, flipping 0% of the time also as i just fold A8, 88 and KQ (readless anyway). he's literally against 99+ AQ+ 100% of the time lol
  • PokerPPP


    loved the video and the pop-up explanations :D
  • jimifromshields


    nice video thx