Short Session Reviews with PT4

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In this video BogdanPS shows us how to complete a session review in PT4 and how to get the most useful analysis out of PT4 in the shortest period of time.


Database Review PT4 Session Review

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  • jawoftheox


    Hello, Bogdan. First of all thank you for making PT4 videos and I'm certainly looking forward for the further ones.

    I play NL10 and lately I've started to do regular session reviews, 1-3 times a day, depending on various factors, but what I don't know is how to do database review.

    Maybe you can advise some things I should look for. There are loads of options and obviously some of them are more important than others. I have 100k hands in my database and I think I can do something with it. Some things I can think of is like:
    3betting OOP/IP
    Calling 3bets OOP/IP
    Preflop opening ranges etc..

    I hope you understand what I mean..
  • Baggydogg


    Hi Bogdan,
    As a PT4 user I'm really looking forward to the following videos. As a side note: I would appreciate if you would go more into specifics how to exploit guys with non optimal W$WSF, WSD% and W$SD stats. These stats are regarded to be important, but I cant really say I'm using them to exploit my opponents or changing my own game.