Nutrition and Poker - Why Should You Care About Nutrition

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Primoz "Schnitzelfisch" Bozic begins a brand new series for on Nutrition in Poker and why it is one of the most importnat things for productivity in your game


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  • Schnitzelfisch


    Hey guys! Hope you enjoy the new series :).

    Here are the powerpoint slides, in case you want to keep them/print them out for future reference:
  • barbeysize


    ok, i eat mostly chicken and turkey breasts, curd, eggs, buckwheat and brown rice and vegs and still have some problems. what's next?
  • Schnitzelfisch


    Which "problems" are you referring to? Could be many things. For starters, I would try experimenting without buckwheat and brown rice. Maybe try adding some fruit. Or beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, etc. - there's lots of things you can experiment with ;).
  • Regularproducer


    Barbeysize, i would recommend you decrease the amout of meat and increase amout of fruit and when you eat meat, eat it only with vegs instead of rice or potatoes.
  • Jizzmahpantz


    I drink alot (reallu alot :p ) of Diet Coke. Should i change it to water to feel better ? :)
  • doubleJay


    yet another ad video. snap thumbs down :)
  • Johnis


    I love the fact that the poker nutrition goes hand in hand with the bodybuilding nutrition. In a way, it is a same diet. So in case you just happen to work out 3 times a week (which is also recommended), you will also build muscle ;)
  • Schnitzelfisch


    @ Jizzmahpantz, I'd definitely test it out for a few days and compare the results. From my experience, whereas diet coke might not directly have an effect on weight loss, it can have an effect on productivity because of the artificial sweeteners.
  • Schnitzelfisch


    @ Johnis, exactly! In fact, I believe that bodybuilders usually have the best nutrition plans out there (although if you add too many supplements with stimulants you might run into some issues productivity-wise)
  • Schnitzelfisch


    @Doubblejaay, 98% of my content is free.

    Productivity guide = 26k words
    Motivation guide = 10k+ words
    Habits guide = 4k+ words

    Nobody paid me to produce that content, and yet the readers say that it's better than many peoples' paid materials.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy anything, in fact my products are only for the people who want to invest in theirselves and get to the next level even faster.
  • Sergrov352


    What worked for me really good and may be useful for others:

    1) I'm a vegeterian for a year and I felt a lot more energy after ~1,5 months of this new habit
    2) Drinking a lot of water (consider using mobile programs like "Waterbalance" for Android)
    3) Eat less sugar and fast carbs (dont eat even bread and pasta)
    4) During play drinking mate (and sometimes puer), it helps me to stay sharp
  • lulualine


    Yet again nice vid SF!

    You probably know this already, but I just wanted to advise you to be very careful with upcoming nutritional council since any misstep can lead to health problems.

    It does look good though, looking forward to the next one! ;)
  • Rottmann


    Hi, and first thanks for SF for another great video.

    The reason, that made me actually write this comment, was anger.

    I became angry after I show someone saying this is an "ad video".

    Here is my, I guy mostly watch videos and is less active in forums and stuff, opinion about what's ad video and what's not.

    Firstly, SF's and Erik's videos are mostly free. I see there is a huge value for all the poker players given on the house. There are tons of material that people usually pay fortunes to get their hands.

    Secondly, if SF told on video about his private coaching services, it was a short sentence in the end of the video. Not like 90% of "free helps" you find in the internet, where the whole video/article is just one big commercial and the information in it is unusable without the part you have to buy.

    I also appreciate SF for doing that he's doing. He's very good imo what he's doing and if he continues with the determination he's showing, I think he's gonna be one of the bests on his business.

    After this very rare "comment-tilt" post I'd like to thank SF from all of my heart for all the content, written by you, I've been privileged to read.

    Imo your content is one of the most valuable if not the most valuable in here Poker Strategy. I'll for sure consider you 1-on-1 plans when I have my financial situation to cover that.

    Waiting for next SF videos...
  • metalmonkey80


    I have just started working my way though Schnitzelfisch videos. Looking forward to posting how my result look after.
  • sherriffatman


    excellent stuff! (I have been meaning to watch these vids for ages, and finally got around to it)
    cheers 'Schnitzelfisch'!
  • sherriffatman


    (just one -ve comment) - the audio was really quiet on my system despite having volume turned up to the max. !?
  • Zolotarsp


    Interesting staff, kinda have similar thoughts about general influence of nutrition to concentration and focusing attention. Started log, will see how it works!