The Beginner's Guide to 180-mans - Introduction

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As an addition to his "So You Want To Grind 180's" live coaching course TomSom87 has also provided a Beginner's Guide to go with the series. Combine these theory videos with the Coaching Podcasts and you'll have everything you need to crush the 180-mans wherever you play


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Comments (9)

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  • Zolotarsp


    Finally it's here! Very nice vid.

    Why do you think PT4 is that much better than HM2? Or you just didn't use HM2? =)

    Also, what's your opinion about tableninja2? Is it any better than first one?
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    Really good and helpfull video - we had to wait long for it :D but it was worth to wait. Now looking forward to the next parts..

    greetings NVKS
  • acerbikas


    Would you say that grinding standard speed 180mans would:

    a) help me cope with the fact that there are few <1k player mtts in the early afternoons european time
    b) help me improve my game handling short stacks
    c) net me a supplementary source of income to accomodate daily evening mtt play

    I had been planning to invest some time into this for a while now but I never got settled.
  • tomsom87


    1 - I do have PT4 myself and I think its much more user friendly (perhaps due to familiarity). I have had horses with HEM and they seem to have had problems with it in the past. I have recently converted some people from HEM to PT4 and they said they much preferred it. I'm sure HEM is fine, but I much prefer PT4 personally.

    2 - Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated.

    3 - The reg speed 180 mans would be a great variance breaker if you were grinding reg speed MTTs. They would also be great games for you to play to help manage your bankroll too as I don't think they're many regs who are grinding reg speed 180s.

    As for short stacked play, the reg speeds tend to play much deeper than the turbos, but I'm not sure how they play in terms of stack depth vs most reg speed MTT's. Perhaps someone who plays both who is reading this might be able to help me out with this one?
  • gcfranciulli


    great video sir. is there any chance that you could upload the variance sheet anywhere? i'm really interested in see some numbers in it.
  • Sw33z


    Allways nice to hear your english accent , looov it :)

    Great video , I really like the fact that we can rewatch the coaching sessions :)

    Question i have : I like to play all kinda micro satelites (mostly 1xturbo sats ) but I would like to mix that up with 2.50 turbo 180's.
    Do you think it 's better to play 180's only to remain in "180 mode" ? I have a Roi of +60% over a small sample ( +- 200 games)

  • anton1989x


    #5 +1
  • SitandKiller


    Nice video, So im from the spanish community, so excuse me for my english.

    1- Congratz tomsom it is a great introducing video.

    2- i have a question wichc i couldt undernstand, Do you recomend use the chart of Jennifer for beginners, and if it Works in buyins up to 15 and 3,50r.

    ty for ur help and srry for my english.
  • Liposkate


    nice video thanks !