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Terrorblade discussed the first episode of his first series; "In the beginning" This give anyone new to poker a head-start along with some knowledge integration relating to the learning material provided on PokerStrategy.com


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  • Kimber88


    Really good introduction video you have made here TerrorBlade.
    Not that I learned much new, but for beginners this is so great.
  • PidKoker


    Wow great starting point you should move this to the Basic Section as people who are waiting for their BR should be watching this video and the others to get the feel for concepts of FL (the live examples are useful to begginers).
  • minoan


    I like your way of explaining.Clear and straight.thank you,nice one!
  • irregularity


    I enjoyed that, looking forward to the future parts!
  • Jonaton


    I really liked the video, the only comment I would make is to a brand new player who sees you sitting at the table with $33 they may follow your lead. Nice job, but I thought you were supposed to fold your full houses?
  • CoreySteel


    I watched while playing yesterday. And I agree with #1 Kimber88. Really nice infos for beginners.
    Keep up with the good job!
  • WPTRay


    Thanks for the video :)
    Will watch it as soon as possible.
  • WPTRay


    Thanks for the video :)
    Will watch it as soon as possible.
  • WPTRay


    I have not watched it yet but it looks great!
    Thanks for this.
  • looserbaby79


    very nice video thanks terrorblade
  • zevinhill


    Huge video!!
    One thing though.. With how much is suggested to enter the table?

    Keep'em coming!!!
  • dragoshelu


    @zevinhill 25BB (big bets). in say in a basic video
  • PACS


    Seen part 2. This is too basic (may review later).
  • PACS


    ^^ Last comment was supposed to be a note.
    I like the structure of this video (and of part 2). May review it later.
  • castizo


    Well, even though I'm not an extreme limit beginner. It was still very easy to extract some valualbe information from this video.

  • Lukerr


    Thank you for the video!
  • Bookie22


    Lots of really helpful information for both beginners and players a little further along presented clearly.

    I will work my way through the rest of your vids using that strat guides to supplement.