HU Championship Semi Final - lem0n36 vs FFRRAANNKKIiEE

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Fitzinator18 takes us through the 2nd semi final of the HU Championship between Lemon36 and FFRRAANNKKIIEE. Look out for the live coverage of the final coming soon exclusively on


commentary HU championship PokerStars Semi Final series Session Review

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    gg Lemon, thanks for commentary and nice words fitz. glgl
  • LemOn36


    Haha great commentary got my thought process down well.
    Like those snapcalls in 2nd one vs cbets with bs (frustration)
    or tanking with air if I can somehow rep an ace I like almost never have on that XXAA xD
    Love the overbet nutflush blocker vs the bet check line I auto check raise with A hi showdown value - overbet seems cooler. Thanks Fitz and cheers Fran.
  • romandva




    Hello romandva :)