Flying Up The Stakes - Week 2 PLO10

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Please enjoy the podcast of Skodljivec taking on the PLO10 tables on PokerStars and showing you how he will take on the players there You can see the conclusion to Flying up the stakes on Thursday night at 21:00CET


Flying Up The Stakes PLO podcast series

Comments (12)

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  • tartinopainfrais


    ty really interesting ! And good explainations !
  • Omahasaurus


    23:44 When you get cold called by both blinds and decide not to Cbet on 93Ahh - would you cbet vs just 1player ? would you consider whether he is a tight or loose player and/or how stationy he is?
  • Omahasaurus


    25:03 table 2: you say that you are very happy getting it in on the Qc Turn. I dont quite undestand that coz villain isnt gonna have anymore QKxx in his range than QQ,KK. also vs his reasonable stack of range if he opens 35% from the SB we are 55/45 - i would call that quite thin considering there isnt much in the pot,+qq,+kq,+k2:cc,k3:cc,+tj:cc,+ak:cc,+aq:cc):35%&h2=3c3s4c2d&s=generic
  • Omahasaurus


    sry 56/44 :)
  • Skodljivec



    #1 ty

    #2 yes HU is an easy cbet usually when we miss the board

    #3 We are favourites vs a superstrong stackoff range you put him on, and we are a big favourite vs every other hand. Why wouldn't we stackoff there? You put in his range only hands that have the backdoor flush draw as well. Why wouldn't we be happy to see a card that a) helps his range a lot but is b) still very far behind our hand.

    And of course, if you are a 51% favourite vs a hand with no dead money in, getting it is still a cleary + EV play, and not a "thin" play.


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    That last hand : ) : ) : ) he's not gonna fold a set or something, calls drawing dead.
    Woooooooooooooooooooowww : )
  • MGF001


    5567ds: min 20:35

    Why exactly is this Hand too bad to call here?
    Equity-wise it's no bad hand multiway.
    We also have Position here.
    Is the playability even in Position that bad, that we cannot play it here?

    Regards MGF
  • Skodljivec



    the main problem with this hand is that it is often dominated. It's almost impossible to flop something and get the money in as a big favourite; we are usually flipping or way behind; by folding it preflop we avoid all the postflop reverse implied situations.


  • WhiteWalker


    Great video Skod, i'm sure it will help me in moving up from 2PLO
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Oh that hand around 28 minutes where he potdonks the blank river, he was inducing you with minbets to raise imo he had the flop nutted straight all along.
  • FredDoof


    Why are calling with A746ss from the sb?
  • FredDoof


    I don´t really understand why you call the flop
    whe have very bad equity against more or less everything the villains could hold
    our backdoordraws are very few and Qh, 4h and 5h aren´t even clean