SNG $22 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22
  • Fullring
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Session Review

Comments (12)

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  • SeanBurchell


    good video, first 10 minutes is nothing but pockets!? you should be a tailor not a poker player =P
  • slikec


    They play that bad :D Miniraise A4o UTG and call 5x that with it :D
  • Naminuk


    lol party poker rules xD. Its even worse than ftp, i dont know what happened now but there is tons of fish on all poker rooms, and theyr getting lucky, maybe it is some kind of new poker strategy ..
  • allurchips


    really enjoyed it.dont know about the k 7 push?woulda folded my self :)
  • viewer88


    don't really like the check/call with set 9 on min. 5 tbh ,to many cards kill action on flop imo + you're giving great odds to marginal draws for the other two players.
  • viewer88


    fold 77 on 10:32.. tightwad :p
    looked like shove
  • SecurityDrew


    Not sure about the set value limp on btn with 88 at 10:27. With 350 in the pot which is over 20% of your stack, I like the shove here. I would be interested in the eV calculation for this play vs the eV for the set value play.
  • zh171


    @7 and @ thenose. I wouldn't limp here. You just invest too much money for your set. And not shove it too because you'll find too often somebody who calls you with overcards.
  • zh171


    nice video like always. I didn't like the push at 24'. I just would fold on the flop, because at the end you just have overcards and a flushdraw and you risk all your chips against the big stack.
  • Drawinator


    Nice video but do you think its oke to limp a PP in the middelstages?
    The basis rules say not
  • RacoonCity


    TheNose is bleeding chips! U played too lose in this video and it did seriously affect your results. Flat calling a miniraise with AA and then just calling a small bet on the flop was the reason u lost the hand in the end. I cant see why U fold a pair of sevens in an unopened hand while u go allin with a pair of fours in early position and earlier in the tourney! But, hey, u r TheNose and u do know better for sure, right?
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!