Learning To Crush PLO50 - Live Session on Pokerstars

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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Skodljivec takes to the PLO50 Zoom tables on PokerStars in order to show you how to crush these stakes and exploit the regulars


Live Video omaha PokerStars Zoom

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  • MrTrocks


    nice vid. i was a litte bit suprised that u 3b at min 7 the utg raiser with 4578ds thought against an utg its too close
  • MrTrocks


    min 25:30 why u didnt donk on table 2 with our monster?
  • Zlaine


    Hey Skodljivec, thanks for the great Video.

    At Minute 34:45, green table, I dont think we flip against a set, it's more like a 38:62 scenario.
    Only vs Twopair and no flushdraw we flip.
    I think we are crushed against his stacking off range or did I miss something?
  • Skodljivec



    1# it's ok because it's not often dominated by UTG's range

    2# in these spots you can obviously always choose if you want to c/r or donk. You don't need to do the same thing always, both are good plays.

    3# we have 45% vs QQxx there, which is what i still consider a flip :)


  • Miguelang


    16:00 left table.

    I think the decision on turn is between a passive line surrending. Or an agressive one barreling turn and river.

    I don't think a second barrel is profitable by itself cuz If villain has a King the king will most likely surrounded by Broadways so he has either AK, KT ot KQJ with a straight.

    What part of this kings do you think he could fold on turn?

    Do you think you can barrel the river too in order to make him fold a weak ten, the QJ and AK or you expect him to call with a big proportion of that hands?

    Do you think Ak is better for the villain than T8 on the river becouse of your nut blockers and the bluffcatchers that he can do against you representing ases?

    Or that's not enought reason for valuing AK over T8?

    Ty for answering my fishy questions.

  • Skodljivec



    usually when you get called twice there villain just isn't folding river. A king has sidecards for sure there, and QJxx should be often the case and he might have it. He still has to fear we have AA or KK there though, and since i make a big turn bet some players just fold QJxx there. But i agree, he will often have decent sidecards that hit that board; he is opening from the CO though, so he should have weaker kings there as well;

    people like to call with a hand like QQ or JJ there 1 bet as well sometimes.

    So QJ and AK really depends on the player whether they call or fold.

    And about barreling river it really depends, but i would not do it w/o blockers, as we dunno what he folds.

    As for which hand it's better, it really depends if villain thinks we are capable of bluffing thin or not. Sure blockers help, but they don't deny the possibily of me having a boat with the T. Both of those hands villain should snapfold otr.


  • martijnde666


    Nice vid!

    Can you make an deepstack table vid? there aren't many of them :(