Pocket N9nes with Splitsuit

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
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James "Splitsuit" Sweeney is back and this time looking at the potential trouble hand 99 Although Phil Hellmuth's signature hand, this hand does cause quite a few postflop difficulties which James will talk you through in this video


Full Ring pocket pairs Splitsuit Theory Video

Comments (5)

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  • barbeysize


    last hand around 27:20

    half pot cbet needs 33% fe not to be "breakeven" but to be more profitable than open fold right now. and open fold is obviously not even close to what we should even consider. just saying.
  • SplitSuit


    @barbey: when discussing the 33% BE% I wasn't comparing which play was more +EV between open-folding and betting. I was simply explaining that when you make a 1/2 PSB bet the breakeven % is 33%. If you expect more than 33% folds the CB is outright +EV...
  • ArtySmokes


    Nice video, James. I like how you emphasise the idea of thinking ahead. Good stuff.
  • josepunk


    nice video again SplitSuit. i'd like to see another video with AJ in my opinion its other kind of problematic hand specially in 3 bet or squeeze pots.

    regards, nice job!
  • SplitSuit


    @Arty: Always be thinking ahead...even when you aren't playing poker =)

    @jose: I'll add that to the list of possibilities. Thanks!