NL SSS $100 Live Video

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  • NL SSS
  • $100
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Live Video

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  • krypto9ite


    very helpful video, thanks
  • freechains03


    nice vid, thx xarry :)
  • geoylove


    nice,thank you xarry
  • PoPoVitch


    Really nice video.

    I have some questions about the hands at the 23rd minute AhJs on flop j6h8h. You choose to slowplay in order to get more value latter.
    -What if a heart come in turn and one of the vialin bet?
    -What if the turn is check and a heart come at the river?

    Thx for youre video and coachings, there are very nice.
  • xarry2


    @ PoPoVitch: thx :)
    after my flop cbet my remaining stack is smaller than the pot. Thus I would say I'm in 95% commited with TPTK. no matter if the flushdraw arrives or not. imo klinefeld is way to tight to have many FDs here. thus: if the turn is a heart and someone bets the 3 suited board I call/push. my remaining stack is too small to give up. its still possible that someone turns a Jx or medium pocket into a bluff - and I have redraws with the A-hearts

    I'll only check the turn behind against klinefeld. since I mostly put him on Jx and medium pockets like 77/99/TT I don't see much a reason to protect. if the river is a heart then i'll call anyway. again I can image worse jacks like KJ or QJ and maybe bluffs - only in rare cases he has the flush imo.
    against looser opponents (with more possible drawing hands) I will bet the turn, though.
  • PoPoVitch


    allright thx a lot
  • Smileyphil


    Nice video but is it possible to have a louder version?

    On my laptop it is hard to hear - even at full volume.
  • xarry2


    I'm sorry for the low volume. But in my recent videos I really tried to record louder :)
  • Smileyphil


    No problem thanks for the video. Just trying to give useful feedback where possible.
  • xarry2


    thats fine! :)
  • brunogalvao81


    Very nice moves in this video!
  • asmirovic


    Nice videos with some nice concepts finally seein in action.