Oblioo Live at NL50 Speed

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Please enjoy the Podcast of Oblioo's live coaching session from 21/04/2014 where he played live NL50 Speed on iPoker Oblioo and Gandolparah hold a weekly coaching at 20:00CET every Monday night


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  • imgoingtomirage


    Hello! If you have any questions - post them below, oblioo will answer them asap! :)

  • AggroNitt


    Min 3 K9s doubel gutter:

    Obvious we have to bet Turn and River but i dont like your betsizing.

    As u mention Villain is most likely to hold a fdraw and seems to be a fish.

    I dont think that you increase your FE with a pot sizebet on the River.

    Also your Range is pretty uncapt and u have a ton of value hands on the River, so u dont have to bet this big.

    I feel like a bit more than have pot would be better what do u think?
  • mesisification


    If you 3bet QQ from CO vs. UTG-opener, you're probably calling his 4bet? If that happens, are you willing to fold your hand vs. unknown player if A or K doesn't show up? Let's say that villain bet/bet/shoves and the board is 9d7c6s2s3s. Can we fold given the fact that we're on top of our range (unless we call KK+ from time to time) or can we fold because we're not expecting an average villain being capable of triple barreling as a bluff in a 4bet pot? Should we perhaps start calling a 4bet with KK+ often enough that we can fold QQ on the river without being extremely exploitable?

    Or am I just thinking too far? Should I just fold QQ on the river despite it being top of my range since not many villains are capable of triple barreling in a 4bet pot?
  • mesisification


    I'm playing NL50/NL100 zoom if that matters.
  • oblioo


    #2: You wrote: "Also your Range is pretty uncapt and u have a ton of value hands on the River, so u dont have to bet this big." Actually that's a good reason to bet big. We don't want villain to put us on a missed draw and call with 88 or 99.

    #3: It really depends, but yes I'd probably call a 4bet vs an unknown at these stakes if I chose to 3bet, and no I would not fold with an overpair. I also probably wouldn't let villain bet/bet/shove on that runout in a 4bet pot; I'd probably be shoving the turn.
  • oblioo


    also just so you guys know, from here on out I will not be checking the questions for these "podcasts"; if you want to ask questions then show up to the coaching :)
  • monster1117


    liked the video I enjoyed your 2 cents about timing tells I think you made a good point i'll be testing that at the tables!