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Please enjoy the podcast of our recent Webinar on Holdem Resources Calculator with Unam and HRC developer Helmuth Melcher as they show you how to use this extremely powerful tool to the maximum.


Holdem Resources Calculator hrc podcast webinar

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  • msn1406


  • VinnyCout


    nice job
  • circe


    Icmizer > HRC
  • mylove190207


    Hi everyone!

    Today I realy need your help. I evaluate a hand that has been posted in evaluation section.
    Here is hand: [URL=http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=313849]7$ AJs buble [/URL]
    I take all calculations with BTN shove 50% and only in chip mode it showes me that is easy call. Yes if I don`t modify BTN range to 50% it is easy call in FGS mode, but with [B]50%[/B] range it showes me -0,51.

    So am I doing something wronge? Have HRC and ICMizer different calculations for FGS? Please help me, because I am REALY CONFUSED here. :f_confused:

    GL at tables!
  • Unam


    @ mylove,

    I think you are right, if I use the numbers I am getting a fold as well, but plz ask in kurrkabin what he calculated. That he looked at the hand doesn't mean the diskussion is over, esp. in cases like this, where his answer led to new questions.
  • bballcall


    Hello guys,

    do i have a local problem with my flash player or is there rly no mouse-cursor in the video ?

    Its pretty hard to follow it without seeing where to click sometimes =(

  • Stojan24


    Hi everyone!

    Someone knows how he selected all tournaments with one click for quick analysis (03:00 on video presentation)? I can select only one and go one by one. Would be much easier to sellect all as he did it.

  • plexiq


    Simply use Ctrl+A to select all, or Shift+LeftClick to select multiple entries.
  • hooni


    28:00 - in the top left window there is "BB calls 13,4%" in the bottom left, i dont have that option to chose from, which HRC version is he showing? i think i have the newest one but i dont have that option to select from :/
  • Mandelbrot17


  • czglory


    looking forward to this, and icmizer2 hopefully