MicroMillions Deep Run Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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In this video, our coach rodgethat reviews a hand history from MicroMillions tournament, sent by one of our members, focusing on early and middle stages.


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  • 3HUNNA


    Very painful to watch how someone can be so bad and still get there, lol.
  • 3HUNNA


    I did agree with every argument you had per hand, that doesn't happen all that often.


    I can see where you are coming from #1

    There is a lot of hands that I did not play correctly and I'm glad that I brought this HH forward. However, this was a MTT I joined for fun, played aggressively, made mistakes etc etc.

    I don't usually spazz as much as I did here as I late registered for the lols. Once things progressed I did calm down and played a little better.

    Hopefully everyone learns something from the video because at the end of the day - that is what it's all about, right?

    I'd like to note that I played the majority of this MTT on my mobile whilst out and about the the shops with the family. So I wasn't able to give it my full concentration and at times I shoved just for fear I'd time out (3g signal is not the best in Ireland)

    Hope everyone enjoys the video and thank you Ryan for the critique :)
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    actually i really like this analysis - I don't get the comment of #1 when i am honest. It seem he expect to have analysis of a perfekt played Tourney - the meaning of analyzing is to find leaks and to improve your own game... This kind of comments actually make me afraid to send HH's for public analysis...
  • rodgethat


    Glad you guys liked it!

    #4 Agree with your comment, we are all here to learn and become better poker players. Everyone make mistakes and thought HollyMichelle did a lot of things very well esp with his cbet freq.

    Thanks for the comments guys! Part 2 will be out shortly
  • SignOff1970


    Who is going to win if no one is going to make mistakes? Might as well stop playing.

    Totally agree with #4.

    Think I learn most from seeing other people doing my mistakes as well :) and explained reasonably than being lectured in "blabla perfect to this and that" along with "this equation shows *nextthreelinessomethingthatlookslikelatestepisodefromFringe*"
  • PhreaKer


    Nice vid Ryan!
    Know you from the tables, gratz on your Coach Status!

    I also think it's interesting to see a very agressive player's hh.

    1:30 I'd rarely flat the UTG open with KJs UTG+1 deep as you are. Of course that is very player dependent, but against most players we probably have reverse implieds there, but don't think it's a big mistake, and maybe I am just a Nit ;)

    Against a villain with TAG stats I think it's a pretty clear fold.

    Also there were some few spots throughout the video where you suggest 3 bet is an option besides flatting and then say that flatting is better.

    I agree, but I think you should rarely 3bet unless you want to 3bet call in those spots, against certain types of villains.

    With Heros image it probably becomes an option to 3bet/call wider then usal, but in general I think in those spot I would most likely flat over 3betting.

    22 I don't like to 3bet bluff a Hand with no blocker there. Ez fold imo.

    Wouldn't ever do that, and I think it's a big mistake.

    Anyways, very high quality content, exellent analysis, keep it up!
  • rodgethat


    #7 Thanks for the comments!

    I generally like folding in the kjs spot as well but don't think its a big leak to call or even a leak at all to be honest, Not that worried about reverse implied odds cause we are very deep and should be playing a lot better post flop then most ppl in these small buy in mtts. Not like we are stacking off when we flop top pair. Maybe im just a nit as well :p

    In the spots where I say you can either 3bet or flat im just saying those are our 2 options ( folding is not one of them ), They will be very player dependent of course when deciding which option is best but will try to be more clear in future vids.

    Deff agree on the 22 hand that it is a clear fold, Kinda goes with my comment above thinking that 3betting is better then flatting even though the best line is to fold.

    See you at the tables!
  • Frozen78


    Good analisys by the coach but this is painfull to watch! This player is very bad.