Poker, Sex and Tilt Killer

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In this sexy video, Maxippouce introduces his career's path to become a poker player pro. Then, he will give you THE secret and THE only method to totally get rid off the TILT.


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  • Filetofish13


    MDR^^ C'est sûr tu regardes la vid et rien que l'accent franco/belgo/anglais de maxi te fais détilter direct

    J'ai rien compris au discours mais j'été mort de rire! Nice vid
    Pas prétentieux le maxi ;)
  • Skarj


    Hm, okay, first, I thought: "What a waste of time". But the last minute saves the whole video. That is why I give four stars.
  • jankis66


    WHAT THE......?
    #2 first, I thought: "What a waste of time". But then the last minute saved nothing.
  • luizsilveira


    What a complete waste of time. I usually try to refrain from negative criticism but this time I can't: this is the worse video I've seen in a long, long time. If not ever.

    I thought pokerstrategy was better/above this.
  • Klabautermann


    Yes, it was waste of time ...
  • ggccc


    -.- should i took some drugs before? :D
  • VinnyCout


    i loled
  • Vinny80


    I just love it, like usual. GG redhead from heaven ;)
  • dreadus


    very good video
  • WillianMaster


    I loved it!
  • CapitalDodge


    French sense of humour?
  • pepejanot


    5:53 5:56 5:58 => Julien Courbet is here
    Everybody, remember that Belgium is not if far from Amsterdam...
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    nice job
  • Sepurta


    Now i know why this is from Youtube. More videos like this please :P
  • nairolf83


    I missed the point / punch line in the "male whore" part.
  • IskaRex


    Different.. lol..
  • Benrenc380


    Wow around 3k bluff with 72 :D
    i think i would never do this.