MTT Beginner's Course - Week 1: First Tips to Get You Started

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Asaban begins his new MTT Beginner's Course with some initial tips to get you into the world of Multi-Table Tournaments You can catch Asaban's MTT Beginner's Course every Tuesday at 19:30 CET at


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  • Asaban


    Have fun guys!
    If you have any questions or feedback please post it in the coaching thread:
  • Agosfc


    Thank you.
  • crazyman199817


    very nice~
  • Sleepy151


    For beginner's is it the best!
    Hello from Russia
  • SRwtf


    say I got pocket sevens and I call and there is a slight raise, how do I react?
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Good video, but can you please stop saying "every twelfth time" (around 50 and 54 minutes) when you talk about odds of hitting set+, it sounds like you dont know what you are talking about which is a shame because the rest of the video is good. The right answer of hitting set or better is roughly 12% which is of course not the same as once every twelve times (which would be like 8.5% of the time). "I am not sure about it something like that" is perhaps not what you should say in this video, as it is also the basis of how many BB you should have behind when you setmine so if you dont know the odds of hitting set or better, your math behind how many bb you should have behind when setmining is probably also wrong. Hope you can appreciate constructive criticism.
  • iSoOwnYou


    What an excellent video, thanks very much, such a pleasure to enjoy too, you have a really great teaching style
  • mattisks


    I am surprised how nice this coaching looks. And I have to admit! I was very very sceptical :-) As is my nature. But somehow I feel like beginner still so learn something new is good. I will definitely follow as I would like to know what most PS guys are doing in the tourneys :-))

    Any material on how to use HUDs?
  • Bonifacius


    Really nice video! Nice voice and nice explanations.
  • MIM1C


    Appreciate the video. Really cool for beginners