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Live Video

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  • ethanrox


    3min: rofl...advanced play, Sir :)))
  • frzl


    min 12 bl: did you have any special reads on habfan666 ? for me it would be quite tempting to shove over his minraise :) (like you do it on the tl a view seconds later :D)

    very nice vid. personally i prefer the session reviews but it was defiantely quite entertaining and very helpful. ty :)
  • LuborC


    Nice video! More live vids please! I find the session reviews kind of boring since there usually only is one table and not that much going on...
  • freakyphil


    First of all; "Funny noises with mouth" just adds to the fun of the video. I like the mix of live videos and session reviews. I believe it's good to get to know how you think when you have 30 secs to analyze a hand and make the decision.

    I was wondering, which program(s) do you use for stats on the table? Find the layout very attractive :)
  • valo111


    Well nice video :)
  • TomBot980


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  • romanenko93


    I just watched the jj vs aq. hand. I give Larrabe a lot of credit to not keep pushing and get called for a lot, lot more.
    nice video)) good luck