Postflop action in the early tournament stages

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In this video Fitzinator18 has selected a few special hands in the early stages of various tournaments where a good postflop plan was required. He also shares his view about the postflop game in the early phases in general.


ealy stage early phase postflop tournament

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video from fitzinator18 and leave your questions below!

  • contadocenas


    Very nice! Awesome vid. I am wain
  • contadocenas


    * i am waiting for the others hands. There is a huge lack of posflop materials of sng/mtt.

    Keep the good work ;)
  • vonHarmani


    13:20 you say it´s better to make a turn bet for us not to be capped (we obv bet flush, str8, set, 2p here) but is it not better for us to have some semibluffs hands here, such as Qx, or a hand with one heart: Because basicly, we are turning our hand to a bluff here (are we? Or do we expect him to call with Kx, Jx?) and we are sort of "wasting" our value
  • vonHarmani


    speaking about the same spot, I would still let him have hands like AJ, KJ, maybe even AK, because it is a 3bet pot, which reduces chances for us to have a draw, hence he does not have to protect his range that often.
  • fitzinator18



    our A3 bet is more of a merge, I expect to get called by alot of the hands i outlined such as KT with a heart etc. i also ofcourse expect to get called by better hands such as AQ etc. but overall we either:

    make him fold a draw that has usually 20%+ equity against us rather than freeroll him 20%

    make him call 40% of the pot with a draw that will not get there a great deal.

    make him unable to value bet his own AQ freely for a larger sizing on the river...which in turn also makes it tough for him to pull a successful river bluff and blow us off the best hand.

    so no we are not turning our hand into a bluff. however we are merging.

    the Qx hands your talking about as semibluffs are usually going to be pair+draw (b/c im not sitting here 3betting Q8 rly ^_^ and yes im happy to bet hands like KQ and QJ esp if they have a heart on the turn. if you're in this spot with a hand like 99 or QQ with a heart also, i personally would bet. sometimes you have 11 outs, sometimes you have 2 outs...but also he folds a decent amount like he did here. in this hand i can't imagine he had a hand worse than 99 (prob a Jx or Kx hand) and if he folds that when we have 99 that's cool