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Skodljivec brings us a brand new PLO50 Zoom video from PokerStars analysing the tougher decisions he has to make and comparing the games to regular tables


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  • MrTrocks


    min 20 table 1: what would u do when u hit a fd would u call his bet? i´m not really sure about the fold here because imo he would bet bigger ott if he had a str8
  • MrTrocks


    min 21:50 table 1 what do u think about an craise flop or turn? his betsize was quit week
  • MrTrocks


    min 30 table 1 which cards otr u would not bet? JKQ? because this are the most cards to his A?
  • MrTrocks


    min 33 both tables: nh1 table 1:-) like the raise otf table 2 otr would u c/f here with your AA or c/c vs this guy?
  • Skodljivec



    1# - can't find the hand in question, can u please tell the precise hand + the precise time the hand starts?

    2# - yeah definetly a possibility on both streets

    3# i would bet any river after he checks the flop

    4# yeah table 1 was nice :D
    table 2 i know that guy is a nit, so i would just fold if he bets; i'm probably folding vs most as they won't turn their made hands into bluffs.


  • MrTrocks


    1# table 1 start at 18:30 Ad2dQhTh. his minraise looked like a str8 otf but his size ott dunno. what would u do with a fd ott?
  • MrTrocks


    3#he didnt check otf because u donk. he checked ott. so again: you would bet every river card because he checked turn?