Flying Up The Stakes - Week 3 PLO25

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Please enjoy the podcast of Skodlijivec's journey up the stakes. This time he's playing PLO25 and showing off how he would approcach playing the regulars at this stake


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  • darkonebg



    Enjoy the podcast, and if you have any questions - leave them below :)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skod, I have a question for you and the hand with JJ55 ds (right table, 1hr 13 minutes)where you flop the flush is a good example thereof. I was wondering, do you ever "fear" your flush to not even be live in these kind of situations? You mention in the video that oh we flopped the flush and now we are stacking off with 4 outs to any set to boot (in this spr situation of 1,4 so yeah easy stack off). But yeah, when you are up against the hand you were actually up against AA22 without the flush draw, you had 48% equity here, but if you'd be against AA WITH the flushdraw, you would have an abysmal 19% here (which wouldn't be even enough to stack off with a flop spr of 1,4). I know you have to consider ranges and not just these two extremes of bare aces and aces with the nfd, but still, do you ever actively consider this possibility or is it more like a "if so, so be it" kind of attitude that prevails and would you play this hand differently had the flop spr been much higher or vs a tighter opponent? Thanks for answering Skod, great video once again.
  • Skodljivec



    sorry for the late response. When you flop a FD with such a low spr you have to go with it; you have to look vs all aces, including those with a better fd; a better fd happens around 20% of the time, so you just have to see if it's worth it equity wise in the longrun.

    Obviously the tighter the opponent and the higher the spr, the more passive opponent the more we should be inclined to fold nonnut flushes.

    Hope this helps,